Hammer Imfamous | Bowling Ball Review | STRONGER THAN THE OBSESSION??

The new Track Proof Hybrid in this video is compared to the Proof Pearl. Ryan "Barks" Barker throws some strikes and shares his honest thoughts on the new release!

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0:00 – Intro
1:25 – Bowling
5:44 – Summary

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32 Comments on “Hammer Imfamous | Bowling Ball Review | STRONGER THAN THE OBSESSION??”

  1. “The new Track Proof Hybrid in this video is compared to the Proof Pearl. Ryan “Barks” Barker… ”
    No copy/paste here! XD

    1. The tour is just way more versatile. The Obsession Solid is a tank that performs well on fresh heavy oil, but it just is a little too condition specific. The Tour gives you more options.

    2. Yes, the Obsession Solid is perfect for starting league nights on fresh oil (for high speed high rev throwers). I feel that Barks doesn’t have the speed to make it shape well which is why he likes the Tour better

    3. @Daniel Robertson That is another good point. Most people can’t throw 17+ miles an hour, which might be what you need to really take advantage of the obsession solid.

  2. love watching Barks throw it down the lane, nice and smooth, but I was always more like “Goots” from the left side , what happened to him? he is a good contradiction of style to a majority of the bowlers in the shop

  3. The unique Motion of my bowling balls are melee jab blood red intel Pearl white hot badger those are my favorite unique motion bowling balls

  4. Storm Virtual Tour Exclusive…it feels mysterious to me. I usually go for smooth arcs and that ball skates and then makes a hard, late right turn (I’m a lefty). I guess it’s a very specific shape and I usually get along better with less specific shapes. Right tool for a certain job?

  5. My DV8 frequency is the most unique ball I’ve ever used (probably because of the way it’s drilled lol). It’s also the most versatile balls I have. I can throw it the exact same way and get it to hold on the corner for a spare or get it to hook all the way right for a cross lane and still have it stay smooth and consistent when strike shooting, and sometimes it even surprises me with how much it hooks on the fresh cx

  6. I bowl in a 3 year old synthetic lane house, on a 44ft and 21ml house shot. Most unique ball motion is my Symmetrical Solid “Blue Vibe” from hammer. Old ball but when I got it specifically from my pro shop guys arsenal, he had thrown it only 3 times. Actually digs really well into the lane, and even though it’s meant for light conditions, I can use it on the fresh!

    1. The vibe series was phenomenal for the price point! The blue was in my opinion, the best. I’ve had 5 vibes, 3 were the blue, 1 red, 1 black. The shape they created, and the way they go through the pins is better than anything I could compare it to. Sadly there is a shortage of quality ball motion in the cheaper balls. All seem to be skid/flip. I get sick of leaving 9 pins constantly! The vibes read the midlane better and got into a better roll and didn’t seem to miss the breakpoint.

    2. @Shannon Dingus my first reactive was a green vibe, loved that thing but it was so old and used, it’s has no ball reaction left anymore but I loved it! The current Raw series and Rhino aren’t like the Vibes that’s for sure.

  7. ProMotion for sure. It’s slow, but strong and it definitely took me a while to learn to not tug it.

  8. Infamous is a gorgeous looking ball seems perfect for the way i throw. I like balls that skid more with a big angle in the back

    1. If you’re getting good revs and speed control and can hit your marks just follow the above advice and drill a ball for a full roller. If not then hopefully your question can get answered by jr shop. There’s a balance between the right way and your way. It has to be enough your way to throw comfortably and consistently but enough the right way to get good ball reaction and motion. I have seen people that refuse to change their style and can’t average above 140 on a house shot but won’t change because 3 years ago they threw a 230 game and someone complimented their unique form. I’ve also seen people try to change their form and fail and get frustrated and want to quit. Are you rolling over the thumb hole and is it at the start of your throw or late down lane? What do your oil rings do?

    2. @Andrew Erickson We had someone change pitches, spans, the release. Kept going over the thumb and fingers. He tried a roll roller layout, works way better

  9. Pro Motion. Most versatile ball I’ve experienced. Miss in? Okay, you probably get hold. Miss out? Okay, you probably get more hook. It can make the most patterns look like House Shots.

  10. Most unique ball motion? For me, I’d say the Ebonite TPC Warrior. The core for it looked like a jack (as in playing jacks). Because of that, the ball never had to rotate around to roll with the core, because the spokes always meant that the ball was always rolling with the core. It was different than any other ball I had thrown.

  11. 900 Global Ordinance C4 has been the weirdest ball I’ve ever drilled. To me it’s very smooth and controllable, but has the tendency to not shape in certain parts of the lane. I see it love to play straight up the lane and when I move left it just wants to fizzle out. And with my roll and hand positions I never had trouble making a ball turn the corner but the Ordinance has been tricky for me.

  12. My Fanatic BTU Pearl is a really weird ball for sure. For my style, it’s honestly completely useless on just about any pattern that isn’t >45ft with med-heavy oil. It’s too early for most patterns, even with lane shine, but strangely still over responds to friction. Definitely a niche ball

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