Hammer Purple Solid Reactive | Release Video

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The Purple Pearl Urethane has been the trusted staple in the industry for urethane performance and we are launching the perfect complement to the line.

The Purple Solid Reactive Hammer uses a denser version of the original LED core, giving it a lower RG of 2.586 and higher differential of 0.027. This necessary change was done to offset the lighter, reactive resin formula when compared to the Urethane coverstock.

With the 500/1500 SiaAir finish, the Purple Solid Reactive Hammer will be a versatile ball that will perform for all skill levels, from new bowlers looking for their first reactive ball to the seasoned tour pro.

The Purple Solid Reactive Hammer is available starting 11.18.2022.

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12 Comments on “Hammer Purple Solid Reactive | Release Video”

  1. So basically this ball will work for low rev and high speed bowlers like how the urethane worked for high rev and slower speed bowlers? But still react and strike the same as the urethane version does?

  2. So it seems like they lowered the RG and increased the Diff because the coverstock is weaker, less early, compared to the Purple Hammer coverstock?
    I’m not sure if this change is meant to make the ball equivalent to the Purple Hammer or different.
    They say people that could not use the Purple Hammer (low rev, high speed) will be able to use the resin solid?
    I am very low rev (135 rpms) and my Purple Hammer is the best ball in my arsenal for House and Sport.
    So are they saying the resin version is NOT for me?
    And by the way voice over guy, it is pronounced “Shay-Air.”

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