20 Comments on “Hammer Scorpion | Bowling Ball Review | HOUSE SHOT HACK??”

  1. Thank you for the excellent review! I’m a bit of a Hammerhead, so I’ll be picking this up once it comes out. I’m really enjoying the Black Widow 2.0 at the moment on a house shot, and the Purple Hammer is serving me well too on dryer conditions. Thanks again!

  2. I’m currently using my purple urethane and futura on my house lane as my current bowling center is on the dryer condition.

  3. I’ve been using my Hammer Fugitive Solid and Venom Shock for house shots. Balling down to venom in the later half of league

  4. Been lately with the 900 Global Honey Badger Revival, I can start on the right then once the lane breaks down move as far left as I need to. Been very nice only having to bring two balls to league and not over thinking on what to bring.

  5. My favorite ball for a house shot is my C300 Freeze (Organge/Green). Yeah, it’s an older ball, but it works very well on house shots. I also love using my C300 Resurgence on a house shot as well.

  6. could we get an overhead angle on the shots for future videos to see where the ball actually breaks and how it breaks, for a better look at the balls?

  7. Most house shots I just use my solid Counter Attack. I recently got a black Raw but it’s just too much

  8. Been using my quantum bias for THS since it was released and boy do I need to find another I love that ball

  9. Our Center has heavier oil for league so I typically start with my Parallax then if that’s too much ball I’ll go to my HyRoad Pearl

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