Holy cow this ball is SUPRA clean! | Supra Rally by Motiv bowling

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24 Comments on “Holy cow this ball is SUPRA clean! | Supra Rally by Motiv bowling”

  1. This seems like a specialty ball for specific lane conditions, ie when it is burned out worse than the aftermath of a bon fire.
    I’m an intermediate and I need to look for a two ball bag solution.
    That would be a great video series. You only get two balls, which do you take to league night?
    There seems to a a great number of upper intermediate balls which would cover most of your needs.
    Then what do you do for the second? A plastic spare ball? Maybe a pearl that would help cover dry lanes or that you can throw straight? idk

    1. I’m not gonna say it’s impossible, but the overwhelming likelihood is that you will find it very difficult to be competitive in today’s game with only two balls. For most of us mere mortals, a plastic spare ball is a must unless you enjoy missing the corner pin spare on your dominant side. That leaves you with only one option for throwing strikes… which will be woefully insufficient most of the time, even for just 3 games of league. Can’t remember the last time I was able to go all night throwing the same strike ball. Today’s equipment chews up the pattern very quickly, and unless you’re bowling by yourself, sooner or later transition will force you into a part of the lane on which your one ball just wasn’t designed to be used… like it or not, today’s stuff just isn’t designed to be overly versatile, and they all have their limits in terms of how/ when they’ll be useful. Much will depend on your game too, and to what degree you’re able to adjust ball speed and axis rotation. For most of us, it’s hard enough to be consistent with one release and ball speed… switching balls will always be the path of least resistance, rather than trying force a ball to do something it was never supposed to do in the first place. “You can’t out-bowl bad ball reaction” is a phrase you’ll hear a lot… and it’s the absolute truth.

      Imho, 3 is the minimum… one mid-strength sym solid (or perhaps a hybrid, it would depend on the ball in question) for the fresh, a mid-high RG sym pearl for the transition, and a spare ball. If you’re not bowling longer format tournaments where the lanes really get toasty, then that should do.

    2. In general, I would find out what works better for you symmetric or asymmetric, and then take a solid and a pearl of that choice. Also, get those from the “middle” of the associated lines…like if you are throwing Motiv stuff go from the Forge or Venom lines.

    3. @Skizilla I need news balls but that being said I was 🤔 no along the lines of a Motiv primal and venom shock.
      Third ball would be a spare ball plastic $79 special lol

    4. @Not Onyourlife true.
      With the medium to high oil I was thinking along the lines of a Black Widow 2.0 hybrid or Primal. On the dry end a Venom shock or something like that.
      Not sure what type of spare ball. I mean you want it to roll straight.

  2. 500+ is easy for me to do, I can probably hit 600, but takes too much energy and makes cores flip and then spin back up to the psa, not to mention its harder to repeat shots.

    I had to really learn rev rate control, when to take some out and when to put it back in. Let’s me stay in the same line longer and have to manipulate my hand position less.

  3. What was the layout? Did you go to a 4″ pin or did you do the 20×4.5×45 that you have done on some of the other Motiv balls?

  4. I pre-bowled for a league a couple nights ago with this ball. I bowl in a high friction center. I’m more Rev dominant with no thumb. I had the front 8 after the league for that day. I really had a lot on the backend for this ball. I was very surprised because of the core numbers, but this ball reminds me of a Hustle Wine.

  5. This ball looks like it needs to be in my bag. Being a lefty I like straighter angles and this looks good going down the lane and shelf appeal. Thanks JR

  6. It looked good when you started slowing it down and twirling it, but when you first started up the back with speed it just went straight.

  7. Always like your reviews JR, any chance you can do some reviews with some higher VAL angles so we can see some pin down layouts

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