HOW TO BOWL ON LONG OIL! | Radical Innovator | PBA Pro Mitch Hupé | Bowling Ball Review

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As PBA Pro Mitch Hupé prepares for the IBF World Cup in Australia, today he tests out the new Radical Innovator! So many strikes from this new creation, but will it be enough of a fit for Mitcho's arsenal?

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0:00 – Intro
1:43 – Bowling
4:51 – Question Time with Mitcho!
5:03 – More Bowling
7:04 – Summary
9:15 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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20 Comments on “HOW TO BOWL ON LONG OIL! | Radical Innovator | PBA Pro Mitch Hupé | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Stop? Glad to see Mitch back as Always, but I’d like to hear the layout before Mitch or the Guys roll the ball. Not to copy because everyone has different PAP, but it’s more info, as saying Myself know about drill patterns so I know what and how it’s going to react before rolling the ball. Besides that 1 Q everything is Solid and I love watching these guys. Videos are always Top Notch and the Enthusiasm each one of the guys have is priceless… The best that I have found to participate as a member, this show (JR PRO SHOP ROCKS) thanks

  2. Dang man that innovator hits hard like the “ONE” same Mass Bias.. Guy’s I’m really really liking the innovator Ball’ you can see the ball dig to make the corner

  3. Oh Man’ Mitch throws 2 handed, unbelievable, messenger knocks out 10, solid. Does it have the DOT added. MO was a Genius

  4. Yes I like the colors on the ball of MO’s, the only other ball I’ve seen that caught my eyes was a Swag ball, did t buy it but it had a shelf appeal to it. I dig balls that have many 3 or 4 different colors in them. They look cool when your revs are up.

  5. I’d like to see what Jungo is bringing for the long pattern. I know he likes some older balls (Parallax Effect, RST X1) curious if he’s bringing those or throwing new equipment.

  6. I used a Columbia Enigma when that was new. That sure was a pretty looking bowling ball with all of the colors. 🙂

  7. Actually, my favorite tri color combinations are mainly on Dv8 balls nowadays. Balls like the intimidator pearl, or the pitbull bark are what originally brought me over to Dv8 in the first place. But by far my favorite 3 color combo debued on the Brutal Nightmare, a combo currently on the new Brutal Collision. It looks agressive downlane, and if I didn’t have a strong asym solid in the form of my Gem, I would totally pick it up.

  8. My favorite tri-colored ball would have to be the old Purple Angle. The Purple from the actual color the black scuff marks and the lighter shade of purple from the gutter where a nail head took a nice scratch or some might call it a gouge. 🙂

  9. Favourite colour scheme would have to be the original Storm Phaze. I’m usually a Big B guy, but I loved everything about that ball when it came out. Shame it wasn’t more popular.

  10. The best looking ball I have seen as of late is the Motiv Mythic Jackal. This one is definitely up there as one of my favorites in terms of look and reaction. Just might be my next ball.

  11. tri color ball with the wildest colors? Of any modern ball, I’d have to say the Ebonite Pivots. Both the Pivot and Pivot Point all had something that could have looked like a toddler’s dinner when trying solid foods for the first time. Great balls that hooked a ton for their time, but man those colors were wild!

    After that, I still don’t know what Brunswick was thinking with the Quantum Helix and Double Helix. I love black and gold (my old high school’s colors), but how they put it out on that ball made it look wild, and not a good way.

  12. Can you guys make a video talking about timing, what it means to be early, neutral and or late and how to best correct the extremes, for instance, my timing is early and I’m still sliding at the moment of release?

  13. Getting mine drilled right now. Was looking at some other options but my pro shop recommended the Innovator. I decided to go with it partially because of the colors which I really like. Like, Mitch I like seeing the colors transition down the lane.

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