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  1. im two handed for the same reason hahaha not strong enough to do one hand. ive done one hand a few times for fun with house balls only to get those single 10pins haahha i would love to learn one hand in the future. thank you for this vid for two handers! im forsure still working on versatility, especially for hand positions

  2. Regarding fit, I just switched to deeper grips from fingertips like Jimoo (half way between first and second knuckle)…I feel like I am able to match my speed and revs much better this way.

  3. I’m two handed. I started last year. Tried bowling one handed to start and could generate hook. I’m 30. My buddies told me if they were just starting they would do two handed so I did. Just shot 654 for my best night ever last night. Your videos helped me understand bowling a lot. Appreciate it.

  4. after being a one handed lefty a majority of my life(30+ yrs, 210+ avg), nerve damage made it impossible to use my thumb unless i threw a 10lb ball, which i still avg’d 190+ , but after a stint as a righty, i switched to 2 handed, currently throwing a 14lb and averaging 190+ while missing 50% of my 7 pins. once i get better at spares I should be over 200+ hopefully. but my major flaw is i can only throw the purple hammer with confidence

    1. I’m in a similar situation… wrist injury to my right hand, ended up 2-h lefty after several other changes. I can pick up the 7 pin fairly well… but the 10 pin is my kryptonite. And urethane is the only thing I feel really confident throwing. I can average 200+ with urethane in practice, but as soon as a pick up a reactive ball, I’m a 160 average bowler. Maybe when Hammer releases their new 4 ball Urethane Hammer line-up next year, I’ll go with a mostly urethane bag, and work on reactives on the side for a while.

    2. sounds like maybe you just need to generate more speed? one visualization trick i like to do 2 handed for speed is to use my chest to drive the ball forward as opposed to my shoulder; your chest is a much stronger muscle and youll also be pushing closer to your center of gravity. as soon as i started doing this my ball speed went up about 1.2 mph

  5. I bowled one handed for years. I didn’t pick up bowling again until a few years ago. My shoulder started giving me issues so I switched to two hand a little over a year ago and it felt great. I shoot all my spares two handed for consistency and use a plastic ball. Works great and my 10 pins are no problem.

  6. I started one-handed when I was in high school and into college. Didn’t play from college to this last summer(15ish years later). A couple hockey related injuries made it so two-handed is my new bowling style. Absolutely loving it! Your reviews, tips, and joy in the sport has been wonderful to watch and learn from.

  7. Keep shooting this kind of informative content in this channel! The spare drill is also important for two-handed bowlers too. Hope this kind of content will assist more bowlers in the world. Love you guys!

  8. Was one handed, thumbless the first 20 years of my life. Had a real bad injury to my dominant wrist and couldn’t use one hand due to very limited Range of Motion and overall less wrist strength that I couldn’t get back. Went two-handed, sucked for about a year, something finally clicked half-way through my first league. Now I am consistently in the top of our league against some very high scratch bowlers. Wish I would’ve learned initially as a kid, maybe I would be on TV already if I did. xD

  9. I’m 47, and bowled 1-hand righty from the ages of 4 – 42. Then went to 1-hand lefty due to a right wrist injury… back to 1-hand righty after 2 years… then 2-hand lefty after 1 year when the right wrist began hurting again. I’ve done a little bit of everything.

  10. I’m over 40… I’ve always bowled one handed, but because of this video, I might try it during the holidays!

  11. I was a relatively accomplished bowler a few years back and recently have been thinking about getting back into it.
    I was thinking why shouldn’t I have a no thumb ball in my Arsenal just for tactical reasons? I started by rolling the ball no thumb anyway so I could work on it. What do you guys think?

  12. I started bowling ~3.5 years ago and for the first 1.5 years I bowled 1 handed and switched to 2 handed 2 years ago.

    Sometimes during practice I would try out a few shots 2 handed and joked about switching to 2 handed. One day I decided to make the switch but still decided to shoot my spares 1 handed because I can’t get my spare ball to go straight enough. Right now I am switching to shooting my spares 2 handed so that I have 1 consistent way of releasing the ball instead of 2 totally different ways.

    The reason I switched was because bowling 2 handed I get more hook and revs and I could barely hook the ball 1 handed and maybe a little bit because of Belmo.

  13. I just started bowling 2 weeks ago. Just got my first ball on Saturday and I shot a 208 9 game average with a high 3 game series of 662. last night. I’m still trying to work on my technique and consistency. This videos helped me a lot and I’m gonna practice some of the stuff tonight.

  14. Started one-handed, then I bought my first reactive ball. Got my thumb stuck a few times in it, trying to get used to my new ball. I threw my ball in the air few times because of it and once in the alley next to me. Was so embarassed…

    Then I try one hand but with no thumb. It was difficult for me to control the hook as I put too much hook and not enough speed + it hursts my wrist after several games.

    This is why I am now playing 2 handed, which works better for me. But I still struggle with the speed : too much hook, not enough speed. I’ll try to accelerate my approach like Jimoo is suggesting.

    Thanks a lot for the video ! Very helpful !

  15. I’m a rev-dominant 2 hander using a fingertip grip without inserts. Would changing to a semi-fingertip grip WITH inserts help cut down on some of the revs and also get a small bump in ball speed? Would I need to add more “reverse” to my pitches if I went semi-fingertip? Thank you for posting this video!

  16. Growing up I started out one handed but without the thumb like Tom Daugherty. Then when I got more into bowling and got out of using house balls I tried doing one handed with the thumb. I kept practicing but wasn’t getting comfortable or getting the RPM’s I wanted. So that’s when my cousins convinced me to do two handed since I was used to no thumb. I found to be more consistent the more I practiced and was getting more revolutions using two handed. Thank you for this breakdown video, definitely found this very helpful!

  17. have you experimented with the new drilling layout by storm yet for 2 handers. it has worked pretty well for me so far.

  18. I was 1 handed for like 30 years, just had to switch to 2 hands, due to thumb issues. Love the videos guys keep it up.

  19. I’m a one handed bowler and always have been. I tried two handed a couple of years ago and about killed myself 😂. It’s that transition step that does it. Went back to one handed but may try two handed with my thumb in it and see what happens.

  20. I have bounced around TWICE. I started one hand when just casually bowling, I transitioned into two-handed when I figured out how to make more hook and was intrigued by the uniqueness of the style and even started my first league two-handed. Surprisingly, I went back to one handed but thumbless based off a dare from my bowling buddy. I found more balance, more control and still the same hook potential as a two-hander and was inspired by Tom Daugherty.

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