HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FIRST BOWLING BALL? | Brunswick Rhino vs Purple Hammer vs Motiv Supra Rally

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Why should the Purple Hammer NOT be your first bowling ball purchase? Which is the best bowling ball for you to buy? All of the questions will be answered in this one by Simoo!

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0:00 – Intro
4:30 – Bowling
6:38 – Question Time with Simoo!
7:01 – More Bowling
12:33 – Summary
16:30 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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21 Comments on “HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FIRST BOWLING BALL? | Brunswick Rhino vs Purple Hammer vs Motiv Supra Rally”

  1. My first ball was a hand me down Motiv Octane about 7 years ago. The first ball I bought myself after getting back into bowling consistently last year was a Hammer Black Widow 2.0

  2. first was a brunswick twist, literally from the twist review on this channel by brando. it was a great first ball and i worked my way up to middle and high end balls

  3. My first ball was a Columbia 300 Nitrous. Still use it today when playing straighter.
    Personally I would recommend something a little bit stronger to new players like an electrify, because it‘s quite frustrating to have low rev rates and a ball that does not like to hook.

  4. My first ball was a Johnny Petraglia LT-48! After taking 20 years off, my first ball back was a Hyped solid which works really well on any house shot I practice on.

  5. My first ball was a rhino. Unfortunately the pro shop did not watch me bowl before getting it drilled so it is basically a house ball. Good for spares.

  6. First Ball was bought this past march, and I went with a Raw Hammer Blue/Silver/White Pearl. Did not like it as much out the box but then I used a 1500grit trucut to change the surface, now i love it.

  7. My first ball was a storm lock. Loved it but it was a lot of ball. Got it at the same time as a pitch black, roto grip hectic, and a Hammer bw gold. Lots of things I had no idea about at the time

  8. My very first ball was a green and orange Rhino. That was, is still a great ball. I still have my Rhino, and it’s one of the six balls I bring to league with new every week. It’s a super great versatile ball, and every bowler should have one (or the equivalent to one)

  9. I can’t remember what I had in the mid 70s as a kid. I just remember it was a red pearlized ball. In the early 80s, when I got more serious, I had a red pearl Hammer (Faball) and a blue Hammer. I still have the Columbia Black Knight for spares today. I took a long break from bowling, and now I am back with a Burner pearl. This ball rolls really well on our local house shot.

  10. Hi guys, first ball after a long hiatus from bowling was the raw hammer pearl and now 18 balls later my favourites are the revenant and the absolute and the night road. I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to use your promo code for buffa bowling. Every ball that I own and my dad owns are thanks to you guys.

  11. First Ball RG Hyped Pearl.
    Great video, guys. Follow up – the difference between continuous, traction, angular, and straight. 👍

  12. After some digging through some old Brunswick catalogs, I believe the first bowling ball I ever used was the Brunswick Power Blitz Purple. It was a gift from my grandmother. Then 10 or so years later, I bought a Brunswick Power Groove. This is the ball that reinvigorated my love of bowling after years of not doing so, and I’m still bowling to this day. Thanks grandma (RIP) for giving me a hobby I can do for years to come.

    1. The Power Groove was FANTASTIC for a “beginner” ball. They made one for super dry lanes called the Power Groove Dry and I shot my first ever 279 with it.

  13. My first ball was the Ebonite Game Breaker 2. It has taken some time to get used to it. I throw 2-handed as a league bowler and I really like the ball. I pair it with a T-Zone as my spare ball.

  14. Columbia 300 Freeze, was great when i threw with no thumb but once i put my thumb in it was sooo uncontrollable. i mainly throw a purple hammer now, i know people say it’s not great for league, but for my high revs but slower ballspeed, it just seems to find its way to the pocket no matter how much i miss my mark. If it is going high, i just throw a little harder and it tends to work. Been trying out two-handed as well and it works well for that. Absolutely love it as i prefer straighter angles

  15. My first resin ball was the Brunswick Attitude 2. Was given to me by my coach during my freshman year of college bowling since he wanted me on the team but all I had was a spare ball. Would then physically pay for an Ebonite Ice later that season (2004-2005).

    And then during my gap year I started getting into the particle stuff (Ebonite XXXcel) and resin pieces that were the closest thing to particle without actually being particle (Brunswick Ultimate Inferno, Ebonite The One). Still have my Ultimate Inferno, I’ll never sacrifice it/sell it. Shot my very first 700 with it waaaay back in 2006 or so.

    Between the Ultimate Inferno and The One, I haven’t thrown anything better. Brunswick Evil Siege was the closest. Although the Black Widow 2.0 and Prism Hybrid are also starting to win me over. Especially the Prism Hybrid. Good god DAMN is that ball versatile AF.

    Just got a Game Breaker 4 Hybrid too, practiced with it today and shot 1680 across 8 games with it. Brilliant piece. I’m starting to enjoy hybrid stuff after years of being super sus about it.

  16. I run a pro shop and I always recommend a plastic or level entry as a 1st ball. Learn fundamentals 1st then move onto stronger equipment. A very close friend played plastic for 3 years, learned to hook that and went onto to win 5 FIQ medals

  17. My first ball was a Brunswick Black Beauty. I started in 9th grade with a 12 lb but soon moved up to an AMF 3 dot in 16 lbs.

  18. My brother and my first ball is the Storm Thunder Road SE from my local pro shop in Memphis back around 2004 when we were in high school. I believe it’s an international release.

    Seems pretty rare and I can’t really find any information on it now. I don’t know what’s happened to it. It was strange that my pro shop had a bunch of these. I think maybe he had some sort of affection for the ball.

  19. My first ball that I got when I was 13 from my grandfather is a Ebonite Maxim, and just recently bought my second ball which is a Storm Absolute and I really like it. Maxin is 12lbs and the Absolute is 13.

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