How To Find Your Bowling Stats | PAP | Rev Rate | Speed | Axis Tilt & Rotation | WHAT ARE YOURS??

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In this exciting video the JR Pro Shop team measure the stats of Simoo (1 hander) and Jimoo (2 hander). Learn how to find your PAP, ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt, and axis rotation.

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – PAP
6:35 – Ball Speed & Rev Rate
9:45 – Axis Tilt
13:44 – Axis Rotation
16:03 – Summary

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30 Comments on “How To Find Your Bowling Stats | PAP | Rev Rate | Speed | Axis Tilt & Rotation | WHAT ARE YOURS??”

  1. Very informative information. I have a different PAP on each ball, to change up the layout. i have no idea on my rev rate, axis tilt/rotation, but my general speed is 20km/h so quite slow as well. My PAP on my Parallax is 6 inches, but i believe my PAP on my Hustle is 5 1/4. both roll very differently

    1. I don’t think that’ll be your PAP that’s changing more likely your distance from your PAP to PIN which changes the strength and shape

    2. Josh is right pap doesn’t change. As that’s your release. The pin in relation to your pap is different due to different layouts

  2. Great vid. For the PAP, I understand the first measurement, but I was unsure what you were measuring against to determine the 1/2″ up, 1/2″ down, etc.

  3. The only bowling channel I can watch where I watch the video to the end while being entertained and taught. Great content as always guys!

  4. Great, really great video!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen a lot of videos on this subject, but you guys knocked out of the park!!!!

  5. This is good info. I don’t know any of my stats. Ask my pso about but guy is ridiculous busy. I’ll give this a go and see what I come up with.

  6. Thank you so much for this so important video about our DNA. As a 2 handed I haven’t watched yet in just one video how to get my numbers , and their comparison to one handed at the same time. I will share this video to my entire team for being aware of our arsenal and trying to improve it.
    Excelente video para conocer nuestro ADN y mejorar nuestro juego en la liga. Lamentablemente los pro shops en México no te apoyan para sacarlos y jugamos con solo la experiencia. Gracias en verdad que este video lo verán muchos compañeros. Extraordinaria serie que hicieron desde la explicación de cada parámetro y ejemplos para una y dos manos.
    Saludos desde México

  7. WOW that was an awesome video learnt so much, in UK most pro shops just sell you any ball of your choosing and drill it as your lay out chart, Request can you do a video on what to clean a ball with depending on cover stock etc etc

  8. Even though this topic has been covered by other channels in the past, it is not bad to have another one. These methods are nice to have as sort of an approximation of the stats. Great job. However, if you want to know the real stats, the methods used here for Speed, RPM, Axis rotation, Axis tilt are not precise. Unfortunately all youtube videos propose these methods, so keep in mind that your stats will be off. Others by little others by more.

    1. If you slow down the video enough you can get extremely close without having fancy equipment like the Specto

    2. @JR Pro Shop It’s not about the video quality of frames per second, but the methods themselves. 🙂

    1. You going to be in a vid again soon!? You’re insight on ball reviews are super enjoyable to watch.

    2. Much appreciated
      I won’t be at the next set of recordings but will be back on camera in a few weeks to teach + a review when the next release of balls are announced

  9. I know my PAP 4 7/8 over 7/8 up , speed is about 17 mph. Rev rate , Tilt and Rotation not so sure… 🤔 🇸🇪

  10. Good info.. Going to get these stats from my proshop.. So I can finally answer the question to what is my Rev rate..
    Keep up the good work guys.. Thanks

  11. I’ve had my stats figured out for a few years now, and I will check them every year or so to see if they’ve changed. As of right now, my PAP is 5.25 over by. 75 up. Speed is 18mph. Rev rate is right around 410rpm. Tilt is around 3*, and rotation is about 50* using my normal release. I tend to gravitate towards symmetrics with medium diffs and asyms with lower intermediate diffs, and I typically use longer pin length layouts on everything stronger than entry level, because anything shorter than 4” pin to PAP loses energy too fast.

    I want to get a couple of my friends to figure their stats out, and this video is perfect for showing them how and why they need to.

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