HOW TO PICK A PAIR OF BOWLING SHOES!! | Price Points Explained | Beginner to Pro!

Stop wearing the rental shoes at your alley, and start shooting higher scores by purchasing proper footwear! The boys are back to share what shoes they wear and which ones are the best for you!

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26 Comments on “HOW TO PICK A PAIR OF BOWLING SHOES!! | Price Points Explained | Beginner to Pro!”

  1. What a coincidence, Just got my Brunswick furys in the mail this morning cant wait to go try them out

    1. I wear the Team Brunswick black shoes. They are boring to look at but are great shoes, and IMO they are easily the best value in a high performance shoe. They come with the most sole and heel options included in the box, plus two of their slide soles are real leather and not cheap microfiber. The leather uppers are soft and seem pretty durable as well.

    2. No love for Hollmarks? They are by far the most comfortable and durable shoe on the market right now. Take the money you’d spend on a decent pair of Dexters and buy TWO pairs of Hollmarks. You won’t have to buy bowling shoes again for at least 2-3 years.

    3. Brunswick shoes with interchangeable soles. Can’t remember what exactly they are. Thanks for reminding me I need to order or go to the pro shop and buy more soles they are wearing out.

  2. I have the cheapest pair of Strike force that the jungle website had in my size. They are two narrow and seem to stick randomly. Will upgrade soon.

  3. There ARE even lower price point options available from certain online retailers…Been wearing mine for over a year now a few times a week. Suprised they have not fallen apart….yet. I would ONLY recommend them if you insist on getting a PERSONAL pair of shoes so you dont have to rely on those icky rentals. I have progressed far enough along that I can reasonably shop at the higher price points now. THANK YOU guys for the lovely breakdown and recommendations. What would be helpful in the future is a rundown on particular ball surfaces and the best/recommended cleaners for them. And Oil wiping frequency and tools. I.E.: Shammy pad/towel/”seesaw” I see so many variations out in the world and it can get daunting.

  4. Dexter The 9s Boa Color Shifts. Simply because I wear the toe on the drag foot out about every 6 months and changing the toe cap on the 3G tour ultras is a pain vs Velcro on the Dexter’s.

  5. The team Brunswick shoes are the best deal. 170$ or so and they come with 5 soles and 4 heels. Very important because 2 is not enough. Normally soles cost 20-40$ each

  6. I have my SST5s from the early 2000s still. Just about to pull the trigger on some new shoes and am having a hard time deciding between the SST6s or something else

  7. I use the dextor boa sst8 its very comfortable and gives me really good slide and really good break I use them during bowling league’s and will use them in future bowling tournaments

  8. I have a pair of KSWISS shoes that I converted to bowling shoes. I’ve had them for about 6 years now. I bowl league and tournaments with them. It’s about time to switch them out because my right toe cap is worn off from the sliding.

  9. I have a very old pair Endicott Johnson White with Leather Slide. It is about 20 years old or older.

  10. BARKS!!! The reason the 3G Tour Blacks are so expensive is because Belmo wears them! lol Thanks guys I have a pair of white Linds that I’ve worn since 1985 and they are still perfectly fine. Now I’d love a new shoe and you guys gave me some good information. Personally I think I’ll most likely just get another pair of Linds because I’m too old to figure out all these freakin’ removable sole combinations. Thanks again guys.

  11. You can’t go wrong with the Dexter SST8. They cost a bit of change but with the comfort & durability that they provide it’s well worth it.

  12. I have 2 pairs. KR Strikeforce entry level, and 3G Tour HP blue. Should’ve went for the Tour X since it comes in a wide foot.

  13. Love my Dexter SST6. Currently have the White and Blue edition. I tried the 3G Tour Black, but for me, they were so uncomfortable

  14. On the Brunswick rampage can you buy more slide’s like a 6,5,4,3,2 to attach? Thank you for your reply

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