Huge Hook!! | Track Archetype | Track Legion Solid | Track Paragon | Bowling Ball Review

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Barks is back with the brand new Track Archetype! Find out why this ball is so different and so incredibly strong on the lanes!

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20 Comments on “Huge Hook!! | Track Archetype | Track Legion Solid | Track Paragon | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. for me its not rlly bright or dark colors, its more so contrasting colors. like you said, it helps to see ball motion and when it gets to a roll

  2. I’m a fan of multicolored balls, as long as they aren’t too bright. A ball like the Collision Hybrid really fits my eye, but the Gem is way to vibrant for me. There has to be at least one really dark color in there for me to like it

  3. I like the darker color balls and Pearl Reactive. I get hooked on the polish looks but now understanding they don’t have to stay polished

  4. Barks, what are the layouts on the Track Paragon and Archetype. Like the length these balls give going down lane. Thanks. Appreciate your video, nice work!

  5. I prefer balls that if swirled are are similar colors ex: Hyroad Pearl. Contrasting colors look sweet going down the lane but I prefer either single colors or similar color swirls.

  6. Reminds me of a old track bowling ball , my favorite track ball in my opinion is and was a track 910a had a lot of the same color

  7. To me, it’s more the bright multicolored I don’t like to look at, where solid colors I can see make motions better

  8. Always preferred darker solid color bowling balls, especially black. lol Question: how does the Legion solid compare to the Proof Hybrid? Would it be a good replacement since the Proof is discontinued?

  9. The track proof was absolutely awesome. I had three of them. Also had one Pearl that I liked and one hybrid. Didn’t like the hybrid at all.

  10. For me, contrast makes sense. Black and neon pink. Dark blue and orange.

    Being able to see something obviously swirling on the cover is key, and dark or light doesn’t matter if it’s all one color +/- some tone.

  11. I find it harder follow the ball motion through its different phases on darker balls. Especially if the grips are also dark. I originally put black grips on my night road and I couldn’t see the rotation at all. It got way easier though after I put green grips in it.

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