INSANE HOOK?? | Radical Katana Assault | Bowling Ball Review

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Jimoo is back with the new Katana Assault from Radical! How does it roll for a power two hander and against the Columbia 300 Top Speed and Brunswick Defender Hybrid??

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0:00 – Intro
2:06 – Bowling
9:07 – Question Time with Jimoo!
9:26 – More Bowling
10:50 – Summary
13:37 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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35 Comments on “INSANE HOOK?? | Radical Katana Assault | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. I just bought this ball,from my local PSO. Trivia Q: the owner is the only PBA who roll a 100 score in a PBA tournament? Who is this. Anyway no he didn’t punch out my ball, his PSO did. This ball is fantastic and I rolled 10 games yesterday getting to know this ball.

  2. I don’t like ball returns- 11:07 I’m going with the Katana love the video. Top speed and katana are similar to each other.

    1. I’ve thrown both and in my opinion the katana assault is much better. Best ball I’ve thrown in a while.

    2. It certainly reminds me of the review Jungo did with the AR. That is, the ball looked best when he stood left, and even better when he moved even further left

    3. @Cardinal Copium Agreed. Also the altered reality rolled very forward, at least for me. Katana assault is more continuous.

  3. if ball returns were as far back as they look for you i’d hate them less. round these parts we’ve got about 4 feet between the return and the foul line

  4. The ball return should have been moved back off the approach.

    It’s a design flaw in the early years because of the racks of House Balls and bench seating during league play.

  5. Cool tech bowling bowling ball radical katana assault with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time Jr pro shop

    1. no as i dont move the ball as much and my approach starts pretty much at the front set of dots so ball returns for me are pretty much out of play also being a lefty if i swing or play straight up ,plus ive been bowling for 41 yrs so have seen almost every style of ball return around and none even affect me , oh and im a One hander 🙂

    2. In order for this sport to grow, ball returns needs to be “Off The Approach”!!! I have said this for the last 25 years, yet no bowling proprietor in the U.S. seems to get that. However, Middle Eastern and some Asian countries has. So sad to see where bowling has gone for the American market.

    3. @R. Sykes when it comes to reasons bowling is dying, the locations of ball returns is at the bottom of the list, near “the carpets are always a bit too old.”

      I don’t even have a house to practice at within an hour’s drive because all the alleys around stopped oiling at all years ago, have kids running around the approaches, and installed couches halfway up to the foul line. And the floors are always a mess because they have people eating and drinking in the pit

  6. Ball returns are the worst. Loud, slow, bulky and in the way, constantly breaking down. They never give the ball enough momentum when they exit so the balls all stack up in the middle and then clog the return opening and cause balls to slam together and cause chips in the covers. Or, the ball gets stuck right in the opening and spins around until another ball comes to smack it from behind. The buttons and fans don’t work half the time. They’re like batteries. They’re a terrible solution, nobody likes them, anything with them is handicapped to some degree in its capabilities/length of use…but they’re necessary until someone comes up with something better.

    1. you obviously Have never been a Lane Mechanic and have never seen the rate of speed they are shoot out from in the back in the pits when the ball accelerator sends them back up the lanes, and how fast they come to the ball return, if you didn’t slow their momentum they’d shoot right out like a bullet and people would get injured . you see how fast sometimes when some stick and then a few come out how quick they accelerate. if they were all like that you’d have some many finger missing teams in this day and age

    2. well Einstein if you have the solution , why dont you submit it to AMF or Brunswick ?? or learn how to fix them and make some money , or quit complaining nothing is perfect

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