Introducing Brunswick Infinity

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Brunswick is excited to introduce a new level of performance with the outstanding new Infinity!

The performance is driven by a combination of Activator Xtreme Hook (A.X.H) and the new Infinity core. The Infinity core is a medium strength asymmetric and fits perfectly between higher asym balls like Mindset and symmetric core balls like Knock Out Bruiser. The pearl version of the cover gave the Melee Carbon a booming backend; the new hybrid version is a dull smooth finish and creates more of a footprint on the lane and more overall reaction.

Expect higher scores and endless reaction with the new Brunswick Infinity.

The Infinity is available starting 06.22.2023!

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10 Comments on “Introducing Brunswick Infinity”

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball Brunswick Infinity bowling ball with dot technology drill anywhere technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  2. This video, like many others, may have been useful if the testers were regular league bowlers in the low 200s.

    1. Yeah, editing vids to show only the strikes is boring and uninformative, but every company continues to do it

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