Katana Assault by Radical Bowling | Full Uncut review with JR Raymond

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23 Comments on “Katana Assault by Radical Bowling | Full Uncut review with JR Raymond”

    1. I got one a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It’s definitely extremely strong like JR mentioned.

    2. Watched a 300 rolled with this ball on the pair next to me 2 nights ago. Looked pretty good on a 38 ft house shot.

    3. @BayerischeMoterenWerke It’s much different than a Reality so not really comparable. Reality is much earlier and smoother. Katana Attack can handle a good bit of volume, especially for a pearl, but it’s too angular to be similar to a Reality. It’s somewhat close to the Altered Reality. The problem the Altered had was it would tend to roll forward, where the Katana Assault is more continuous.

  1. Are you planning on reviewing the black widow 2.0 hybrid? I would love it if you could do a side by side with the Katana assault I’m torn between them 😂

  2. This ball complements the Innovator quite well. Where the Innovator likes to get forward faster allowing for tighter lines (think super puddle) the Katana will allow you get out and around carry down but with same strength down lane.

  3. His quote sums up my last few experiences with radical: I expected that to hook more. I stick more with dv8 and hammer now

  4. “that was a terrible shot ” *strike* ” i missed left” *strike* “i missed right” * strike …… is it the bowler or the ball???

    1. From Gone in Sixty Seconds: “Man this guy can bowl.”
      “What?….. What!?!”
      “It’s probably mostly the ball.”

  5. I personally would like to see you use a benchmark ball in your reviews so we can compare the reaction between the two (the benchmark and the test ball) across your reviews.

    Hard to tell what the ball does in isolation.

    1. you simply have to watch any other review. I use basically the same layout on every ball reviewed so that way this isn’t an issue

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