LONG OIL KILLER!! | Roto Grip Exotic Gem | Gem and Infinite Physix | 4K Bowling Ball Review!

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Jungo is back with the new Exotic Gem from Roto Grip! How does it compare against the OG Gem and the Infinite Physix from Storm? Could this be the next new addition to your arsenal?

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0:00 – Intro
1:19 – Carbon (House)
5:55 – Question Time with Jungo!
6:24 – Titanium (Challenge)
11:04 – Summary
11:48 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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24 Comments on “LONG OIL KILLER!! | Roto Grip Exotic Gem | Gem and Infinite Physix | 4K Bowling Ball Review!”

  1. I’m super analytical and I think it hurts me sometimes because I over think everything on the lanes

  2. I’m not an analytical layout guy, but I do know what I want each ball to do. If I need a ball in my bag to go longer and snap harder, I’ll tell my pro shop guy to drill it up, and it does exactly what I want it to.

  3. Analytical for sure. BTW I have an RST x-2, Exotic Gem and an Infinite Physix NIB In the garage. Already have the OG Gem I used polished on house. Are they different enough to drill all three or no ? I do play on sport shots In regionals too.

  4. Blend of both. Enough knowledge of the gear to understand what it should do, but ultimately rely on what’s happening in real time to make adjustments based on feel, even if it goes against what I should be seeing.

  5. I’m a mixture of both. I watch a lot of videos and try to apply what I learned. However, my skill level is not the same, so my execution is not good yet.

  6. I think the exotic gem with reduced ball speed looked the best on the titanium 44 ft. I believe it was called.
    I’ve mentioned to other people before the problem I have with the gym and the exotic gym is just the way the coloring looks when it’s going down the lane.
    It’s distracting so that I can’t see the way the ball is rolling as well as with solid balls and with balls with a different pattern.
    I do think the exotic gem works well in a lot of situations. I just wish it didn’t look that way lol.

    1. I prefer multi-colored balls specifically because you can see the roll. My first ball was a Johnny Petraglia LT-48 which was a black rubber ball. You couldn’t see a thing.

    2. @drwisdom1 multiple colors depending on the pattern can be really distracting to my eyes.
      But I do agree that you can see how much rev is on the ball based on the multiple colors.
      There’s a lot of balls that have multiple colors that I still like. It’s just the Gem and a few others that really don’t look appealing to me.

  7. I lean on my pro shop to take care of the analytics. I tell them what I’m looking for and the spot I’m trying to fill and they work their magic. That being said I don’t change up my layouts too much just find a spot for the balls in my bag. Currently bring my gem, physix, fate and spare ball to league. Works well for my home center.

  8. I don’t know what my layout is. I just tell pro shop guy what I’m looking for and he takes care of it. Current league bag is Gem, Zen, and Night Road. Sometimes swap out the Gem for Infinite Physix

  9. Physics don’t lie… my arsenals started making sense the second I learned and started paying attention to the science😁

  10. Got a good pro shop guy that knows how I throw the ball. I don’t ask too many questions they all do what I expect them to do.

  11. I’m a storm roto guy but Jungos music is so good it makes me wanna buy every ball lol!

  12. Analytical player for me, always looking for different layouts on balls because I throw 12lb balls I’m not strong enough to throw 14 to 16lb balls yet, so I go for the strong coverstock balls and have different layouts to match my game style.

    One more thing, I was surprised that you didn’t use RSTX-2 to compare it with the Exotic Gem.

  13. Bowling always about the feel to me. I haven’t understood nothing technical about Ball layout yet and I been bowling league for 5 years. I adapt to what my ball doing on different lanes and go for more or less hooking action based off my speed for that day.

  14. Definitely analytical. I record stats from every shot in league, and have a spreadsheet I plug all of it into. That helps me plan out practice plans for the next week.

  15. I’m definitely a feel player right now. I’m trying to be more analytical to help with consistency, but just takes time and study

  16. I am more of a feel player. Jungo how would you compare the exotic gem to the Rxt3, since you like the Rxt line? I am speed dominant player with average revs am trying to decide between the two.

  17. I would say I’m fanalytical. Feel first, with some analytics sprinkled in.

    I use the exact same layout on all balls, 50×3.5×35, but I use surface to tune how early or clean I want the behavior to be from there. Usually this will come down to the house I’m playing in and the general characteristics of said house.

  18. I would consider myself a mix between an analytical player and a feel player. I know enough of the dual angle layout system to know what layouts work for me, but I’ve purposefully stuck to just one layout for all of my pieces and then rely on the characteristics of the ball to know what I should be using in a given situation.

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