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    1. Yeah, imagine Nadal whining to the Judge because Federer was cheating by using an old wooden 1970’s Wilson Pro Staff.
      Yeah, bowlers can be a whining superstitious lot.

    2. @lenstrul Then it makes sense why that car was banned, but everyone threw urethane back in the day so it’s ridiculous that some people say it’s cheating.

  1. I have already bought a urethane ball (pitch black) and as I started throwing on more sport shot tournaments I noticed urethane would be in play a lot I’ve won my first tournament this year with this pitch black and recommend urethane to anyone bowling on a range of sport conditions

    1. casey ferry . Wet shart is probably mad to see a urethane ball actually do good aka a urethane hater, it doesn’t even make sense on why people hate on it😂

    2. Because us urethane throwers can outscore another player using a “big ball” they paid 200$+ for and we use “outdated technology” and show em how it’s done

    3. @casey ferry It doesn’t matter if it’s a grammar lesson… You should endeavor to be as intelligent and understandable as is possible.

      I never understood this opinion that you only need to have correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure when you’re in school.

  2. Get the Brunswick U Motion (especially if you’re Brunswick, Kyle), a Urethane Ball that hits like a tank.

  3. Finally a good video explaining the use of urethane. Bummed I’m not going to get to see you guys at the master’s this year

  4. Faball Blue Hammer with a scotch brite pad. And a polished Columbia Black U-Dot. Those were the days.

    1. I never had the Blue Hammer, but I had the Black and the Burgundy. Both great balls.
      The Black U-Dot was one of the best balls ever made. I still have three of them in my basement somewhere.

  5. Hammer purple pearl urethane is my go to. Feel like a need a second one with a different layout or finish.

  6. Great video. When should you bring these out for two hand bowlers? You guys have any good videos for 2handers?

  7. Brad and Kyle… Living My Urethane Dream… Hammer 🔨 Blue, Black and Purple… 🤙🏽😊🤙🏽 Thanks for The Video!!! 🙏🏼😊🙏🏼

  8. Back in the late 80s. had a black hammer and a blue hammer. Blue Hammer was an awesome ball.

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