15 Comments on “NEW HAMMER URETHANE!!! | USBC APPROVED!!! | New technology???”

  1. The red pearl will be the replacement for the purple pearl as I’m hearing. As we know the purple is getting discontinued for good as of July 2022. The red pearl will be harder than the purple because of the USBC standard in harness. That’s why the purple is being discontinued. So don’t expect it to be as dynamic as the purple. This is all my assumptions as I haven’t heard back yet from my unnamed Brunswick guy yet.

  2. My Dad has always said he’d come back to bowling only if there was a Black Hammer Urethane. Well, if they come state side I’ll hold him to it

  3. we had a blue pearl and red pearl hammer before back in the 80’s bring back the 3d offset if you want to bring something out

  4. I wonder if they’re going to arrange the colors in the same way that the original Faball Hammers did? If so then the Purple Solid will be a solid version of the Purple Pearl… and the Black solid and Red Pearl will be weaker versions of the Purple/Purple Pearl.

    1. the last Red Pearl Hammer that came out was from the mid-late 1980s. Technology has changed and changed again since then. While the original is a tank and still can hit hard, this one will definitely be different.

  5. There are a couple others that are also on the USBC Approved Ball List: Black Widow Urethane Purple and Black Widow Urethane Black. I’m guessing those will not come stateside, so we will get the non-Widow Hammers. What may happen is that they may throw back to how the original Fab Hammers were, with the Blue being the strongest of the three, followed by Black, followed by Red Pearl.

    Sign me up for Blue, and definitely for blue Pearl if they pull that one back out as well!

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