NEW MOTIV SUPRA RALLY!! Best Dry Lane Bowling Ball? | Where Does it Fit? | Bowling Ball Review

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The new Supra Rally from Motiv is thrown by Simoo comparing it to the Storm Night Road and Columbia 300 Explosion! How does this ball roll for a a low rev, high track player?

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0:00 – Intro
2:34 – Bowling
8:16 – Question Time with Simoo!
8:31 – More Bowling
11:19 – Summary
13:58 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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20 Comments on “NEW MOTIV SUPRA RALLY!! Best Dry Lane Bowling Ball? | Where Does it Fit? | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. After being away from the game for 12 years getting good enough to compete again motivates me! Motiv balls do help too haha great vid

  2. Good review!!
    My motivation = I still think I can increase my average thru more knowledge and thoughtful practice. Plus, having fun!

  3. It’s a strange one, but what motivates me to keep on bowling is work and school. I can get all the stress out of me from bowling when I have bad day, especially at work.

  4. So glad you guys are finally reviewing Motiv for us. Man this Supra Rally’s shelf appeal is sick!!! This ball might just go great with my Pride solid when the lanes get burned up. Good stuff Simoo

  5. I had a league day today where the lanes were super dry and I was using the night road I had to play much further left then I normally do and the night road is super angular and had sharp unpredictable motions would you say that the Supra rally would be a good replacement or would it be too similar

  6. Can’t wait to see more Motiv reviews!
    I’m motivated to get my first 300 or first 700. 699 is my best so far

  7. i got 2 Motiv reactive balls (venom, cobra), even though all plugged balls ,but the backend, tracking following is still insane!!
    and the most important reason i use Motiv is that exaggerated logo design

  8. My motivation is to continue to get better. There is so much that i need to clean up in my game, but i feel confident that it will happen. Also the motivation to try to make as good ball vids in the future as you guys❤

  9. Honestly just the strive to get better, sports are by far one of the greatest tests of character and resilience. Wether it’s football or bowling you gotta over come adversity.

  10. Still chasing my first 300 plus I love the game itself and it gets me out with friends a couple days a week 😊

  11. It motivates me to bowl when I watch channels like yours, brad and Kyle, packy and Darren and seeing how much fun you guys and they have, then seeing myself bowl better and with friends in league makes me motivated to get even better

  12. My motivation is to keep getting better. My uncle is a very good bowler and I’m hoping to get to his level.

  13. My “dry” lane balls start with Night Road, Hyroad, Rhino, and Radical Spy when there is virtual no oil. The Rally looks like it would fit between my Hyroad and Rhino.

  14. Awesome! So stoked to see you guys throwing Motiv and excited to see more in your hands.

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