Night Road by Storm Bowling | Full Review with BowlerX com

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13 Comments on “Night Road by Storm Bowling | Full Review with BowlerX com”

  1. Would you consider doing a few reviews of lower end balls that would be good for us seniors still in the 160 to 170 average bowlers throwing 10 to 12mph? Many of us were high average bowlers in the past but due to age and injuries, our averages have gone down and we don’t have the ball speed to use the high end balls.

  2. i need a good entry level ball from one of the storm brands? people are telling me to go with the original Zen or Hyped solid are these 2 balls entry level? but im leaning towards one of the tropical surges

    1. Do the Electrify G-O. The Zen is higher end and the Hyped series is a mid-performance ball. The G-O is a step up from the Surge but a step down from the Hyped.

  3. It actually makes sense when you consider REX is the 3rd strongest cover in the Storm line. When you take a cover that strong and put inside it a core with a high RG; it makes perfect sense why it runs circles around the P5.

  4. A very driving ball. Nice demo.
    Can you please lose the background music?
    Tip: Turn off auto exposure so the scene does not keep going go light and dark. Full Manual on everything is best for stationary vids. Set and forget. 😉

  5. I watch other people who threw the Night Road did ball review video the got the over and under with it I don’t know what to think of the ball yet

  6. Hi JR , I enjoy your ball reviews a lot. Just from observing the last year especially, Storm/ Roto sure do come out with a lot of bowling balls that seem to overlap a lot.

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