NOT MUCH HOOK?? | Storm Revenant | Bowling Ball Review | Spectre Re-Release!

The new Storm Revenant, the re-release of the Spectre is here! Jungo throwing strikes and his thoughts!

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0:00 – Intro
2:07 – Bowling
4:31 – Question Time with Jungo!
4:46 – More Bowling
6:57 – Summary
10:25 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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26 Comments on “NOT MUCH HOOK?? | Storm Revenant | Bowling Ball Review | Spectre Re-Release!”

    1. @Trandafir Ruby alls we need is ppl every day calling Storm up and asking them for that combo, because that is a great combo. I love the green IQ pearl anyways.

    2. I’ve always been a fan. Especially in a marketing standpoint, if you release a ball that a lot of people liked the first time it was released, most of those people would more than likely get the new one

    3. They’ve been doing it for decades. Great marketing, they make all these balls almost the same every year and slap a different name on it lol

  1. Would like to see the comparison to the night road in 15lbs with the different core dynamics, think it’d probably be the weakest of the three with the higher rg and lower diff

  2. might go for the absolute or wait for the new tnt will see the review !! as the eternity review done by thomas larson that thing looks between the zen series and the reality series !!!

  3. Still annoys me that Storm had to change their finishing process, not because it actually made their products violate the rules, but because the USBC’s equipment and testing methodology are complete crap.

  4. Great video. I got the Night Road recently. Tried it on several occasions without much success. Finished one set with it where I got a five-bagger to finish out the sheet on game 3. I was standing way left and aiming way right. The lanes must have been very dry; however, I gained confidence with it then. I tried a couple more times still without a lot of success in changing the finish. Ended up going from a 2000 grit surface and put some Motiv gel polish on it. I tried standing on 26 and targeting 10 which was an excellent place for this old codger. Late in game 2 I moved to 27 and 11 a little past the dots. Perfect move. The Night Road made me look like a pro for 238. This ball is staying in my bag each week now. Ordered a Fate before your video and looking forward to it. I was expecting it to be a little stronger on the back end than the Night Road along with more continuation. I won’t be afraid of changing the surface. The REX cover looks really nice. Thanks for your timing video and good work Jungo…

  5. Awesome video. I have a nightroad and was looking for another ball with lower hook. The Fate will probably be my choice as I don’t have a belmo ball yet lol

  6. Re-release is fine by me. They were all good balls. I’m still waiting for a Trend2 remake, or was the Fate supposed to be that??

  7. I like the re release balls either from past or replacing one as the spectre’ I still say the spectre moves better than the Revenant, but I’m a lefty so I have a little more play in the oil 8:14 I’d take the Fate and the night road, if the revenant was in my bag having the others it would definitely be a pin down or a different layout. Fate is nice

  8. You do know the fate has the same coverstock as the night road right? And in 15 pounds the night road certainly doesn’t hook more than the fate.

  9. If the ball had new tech (core, cover, filler, finish), It should have a chance for feedback from real world situations. It was unfortunate Storm had to deal with all the bans, but it’s a learning process as what works and what doesn’t.

  10. Jungo does the absolute best ball reviews and has the best music by far of any ball review videos!! Don’t change anything another great video by you guys!

  11. I personally like the rerelease of the banned balls. Wish the altered reality would’ve made a comeback

  12. I don’t think storm necessarily re-released the spectre as they just normally release the same balls each year with a different name anyway and it happened to match here.

  13. I definitely like the re-releases. I think it gives those of us who had THAT ball that just worked well a second chance at them. It was the phaze 5 for me. I loved my phaze 4

  14. Hi, the ball reviews this year have so few shots with the new ball that I feel I did not see much. perhaps less comparison and more shots from different parts of the lane? I love your production quality!!!

  15. I think from a business standpoint, SPI HAS to re-release these balls. They spent tons of money on R&D and manpower/manufacturing as well as losses on giving refunds and all the benefits to the initial buyers. They can’t just toss those designs and specs out the door because they weren’t bad balls, just had issues with the surface prep.

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