OUR FIRST MOTIV REVIEW!!! | Motiv Venom Shock and Black Venom | Bowling Ball Review

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OUR FIRST EVER MOTIV REVIEW!!! EJ Tackett is throwing the Venom Shock every week and is the front runner for Player of the Year! Our favourite two hander, Jimoo, tests the Motiv bowling balls for his first time!

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0:00 – Intro
3:23 – Bowling
7:08 – Question Time with Jimoo!
7:26 – More Bowling
9:49 – Summary
12:01 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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30 Comments on “OUR FIRST MOTIV REVIEW!!! | Motiv Venom Shock and Black Venom | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. I just got a Primal Shock. Man, I don’t know why I was sleeping on Motiv for so long. Incredible ball motion!

  2. The Pride is a great ball! I’m liking my new Black Venom a lot as well 😊

    Oh yeah…. Favorite all time for me is Desert Tank

    1. I like the jackal series, i started with the jackal rising and transitioned into the mythic jackal. Love both of them!

  3. I’ve been bowling for twenty five years and I’ve never thrown a Motiv ball. I’ve been looking for a slight step down off of my Proton and I was considering the Black Venom. I had it punched up and this thing is the real deal. Ball just blends out everything so nicely and has great continuation. I’ve used it on both house and sport no problem. Very impressed with this piece.

    1. Nice! That’s why I don’t mind spending a little extra for Motiv. They are made in the USA, and I know that doesn’t matter to most people but I like supporting the home team when I can. In my part of Florida its mostly SPI incentivized pro-shops so Motiv stuff is overpriced.

    2. I’ve been only throwing Motiv over the last 3 years. Venom Shock was my first Motiv and I’ve been hooked since. That Venom Shock now has around 300 games on it and still my go to in the transition games in League and Tournaments.

  4. I’ve thrown the Jackal Legacy and Mythic Jackal. The Mythic is definitely my favorite of the two, I’ll probably drill more up in the future. I like my big7 and motiv

  5. I was into motive before motive was known. My favorite (and I still have it) is the cruel C51 LE. The first 50/50 hybrid on the market !!

  6. I’ve been more of a Storm guy, but bought a Blue Coral Venom last year. It is probably the ball I goto most. Very versatile. I love it.

  7. As somebody who throws primarily Motiv equipment, it was nice to see this review from you guys. The Venom Shock is what made me fall in love with the brand years ago, alongside the Primal Rage. The Black Venom is my favorite ball to date with how nice it rolls and hits like a truck.

  8. I don’t bowl anymore but when I did Motiv became the brand I used primarily. I’ve had favorites from the Cruel Intent to the Villian Scorn, Venom Shock, Trident, Covert Revolt, United Revolt, Tank Blitz, Supra, Jackal Rising and Ghost. When you can find the right layout for your release as with any ball you will become successful and accomplish all you’ve set out to do. Great brand and equipment.

  9. I’ve only thrown 4-5 Motiv balls over the years, including the Venom Shock. But my favorite is definitely the Blue Coral Venom. I love the shape and versatility from this piece.

  10. Currently, my favorite Motiv ball is the Jackal Infused. I have the Venom Shock as well, but it really wants dry boards. I have a Black Venom being drilled and ready to be used on Wednesday night league. 😀

  11. I bought a Fatal Venom 2 months ago. When my Physix and Phaze II aren’t quite right, I can always count on the Venom to give me that reliable shape. And it also makes a really cool spare ball too.

  12. The Jackal Ghost, the Venom Shock and the Forge Flare for the heavier longer patterns. Actually I love all my MOTIV pieces. It’s all I throw. Get MOTIVated!!! I’m glad you like them.

  13. I have never tried this brand but if I ever drilled one or two I believe the two balls you just showcased would be what I would go for.

  14. Currently I am only throwing Motiv. My first Motiv ball was the Venom Shock. Since then I have drilled a second one and thinking about drilling a third. For anyone thinking about trying Motiv, I highly recommend starting with either a Venom Shock or a Jackal Ghost. Those are my 2 favorites. There’s a reason why those 2 have been on the market the longest. They are awesome.

  15. I’d have to say its the venom shock for best ball ever by them, followed by for me the jackal ghost, forge fire. The new Primal Shock is a must to throw in short term its quickly earning a yes to on list of best ever as well and do a review!!! Its a great continuation of the venom shock coverstock formula. The other two ej has been using is the primal shock and the blue coral venom after all! Awesome to see you finally show off the brand!

  16. My favorite is between the Blue Tank and the Carbide Tank. It just depends on the pattern. These balls have a very high carry percentage when they hit the pocket. Get one of each of these, and you’ll be even more in love with Motiv bowling balls. They are very predictable, and they respond to speed, hand, and oil just like they should.

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