Payback by Radical bowling | Full uncut review with Data and commentary

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6 Comments on “Payback by Radical bowling | Full uncut review with Data and commentary”

  1. I dunno man, I’m surprised it didn’t look better up the right side. Back-end reaction seemed too lazy, if it hits carrydown later in a set it’ll just wash out, miss a bit left and you won’t make it to the spot and go high. Maybe it’s just the lane surface, or maybe lanes were breaking down like you said. But as reviewed I’m not super excited about the ball reaction.

    1. Yea wasnt the most impressive review I have watched either but I think the ball just needs a little more surface like he said to get it into a roll a hair ealier

  2. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball radical payback dynamic core technology more hitting power more strike and spares

  3. Knowing how much friction you have there, seeing this motion on a flat pattern is encouraging to me. I like NOT seeing the ball go left or more left.

  4. I don’t know if this was answered but are you going to be reviewing the obsession tour pearl and infamous at all?

  5. Hey JR! I’m getting back into bowling after a few years and need a heavier ball, are there any balls out now that are similar to the Storm Marvel-S? It worked really well on my local conditions and if I could, I would still be using mine.

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