Phaze 5 by Storm Bowling | Full uncut bowling ball review with BowlerX com

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12 Comments on “Phaze 5 by Storm Bowling | Full uncut bowling ball review with BowlerX com”

  1. Thanks, JR! Great video!

    I won a raffle yesterday and I’m having a Phaze 5 shipped on the release date! Planning to use it later in the block after Phaze 2, RST-X3, and Hustle USA.

  2. I don’t have anything to fit this spot in the bag (symmetrical pearl) and I am torn between a wolverine, this, or power torq pearl. All 3 are beautiful and seem to be relatively close. I never needed a late game ball until I joined a team with 2 other lefties haha.

    1. Coming from a fellow leftie out the 3 you just mentioned hands down the power torque pearl is AWESOME! I’ve thrown all 3 and If i had to put them in order as far as continuous torq, phaze, wolverine.

    2. Power Torq Pearl is good but way earlier and smoother than either of the other 2 options. It rolls pretty heavy, from what I’ve seen. Wolverine DM and Phaze V aren’t too dissimilar on house shot and you could really just choose which color you like more.

  3. for me thats how the parallax effect reacts, it’ll go kinda slow thru the oil but soon as it hits dry it takes off like a rocket

  4. Seems like an “ok” ball but nothing to write home about. Thanks for the look JR. Oh, can you lose the background music on the vids, very distracting…

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