PIN UP VS PIN DOWN!! | DV8 Captiv8 | Bowling Ball Review

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Gootz comparing the new Dv8 Captiv8 with his favourite pearl, the Bigfoot from Radical. With a couple different layouts, Gootz shows his versatility with a pin up and pin down bowling ball!

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0:00 – Intro
2:59 – Bowling
5:18 – Question Time with Gootz!
5:26 – More Bowling
8:16 – Summary
9:56 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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15 Comments on “PIN UP VS PIN DOWN!! | DV8 Captiv8 | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Pin up. I have one pin down ball and it is my Cosmos that a pro shop wrecked by drilling it pin down without asking me. I am not high rev.

  2. the dreaded ball review mistake, drilling the ball how most people won’t. I hate this, its the first hk22 lower teir ball made, I was so excited, and now this review is useless. This could have been the first hk22 low end great ball review.😐

    1. Most people here don’t even do a layout and just drill 3 fingers here. I get a lot of “what’s a layout” or “idk it just told the proshop guy to drill it”

  3. 2LS doesn’t have a pin down per say. However, the low diff/low flare layout is pretty nice when needing to play closer to the friction.

  4. Drilled my DV8 Captiv8 pin up, really like the controllable reaction for me. Speed Dominant aka REV Challenged player. It plays well in the track in addition to having the versatility to move left. Very similar to the Katana Assualt for me…both outstanding so far in 2023!

  5. I prefer pin up for more general use, and typically use pin down for situations where I have a lot of dry. There are a few houses in my area that are stingy with the oil, so managing how and where your ball uses its energy is more key than it otherwise would be.

  6. DV8 Captiv8 didn’t have much backend but I wished you moved right and play a straighter line. I think that’s where the pin down might outshine the pin up in this situation. all my balls are pin up. I’m rev dominant over speed and always seems to over hook I might give pin down a try. overall great review.

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