19 Comments on “Purple Hammer vs Storm Pitch Black | COMPARING BOWLING’S BEST URETHANES??”

  1. As I last commented that I have a Pitch Purple, and was commented on which it isn’t, I will still have to say, that is my favorite “urethane” ball I have used till this point, and wouldn’t complain any further on that 😂😁

  2. My favorite is The Liberator by Lane#1
    So sad they don’t make those anymore cuz i need a fresh one 😬

  3. wouldn’t the fast pitch be closer to the purple hammer or maybe the u-motion. I got the hammer on preorder but i just recently found a fanatic btu pearl and i’m in the process of plugging and re-drilling. found it while removing my cracked pitch purple from my rack, LOL. maybe it was a sign.

  4. I throw both the Purple Hammer and the Pitch Black, but these days I’m definitely leaning towards the purple. The thing’s a beast.

  5. Surprised to see they compared the purple hammer to the pitch black and not the fast pitch.

  6. As Accurately mentioned in the video, these are the two most popular urethane balls in THE LAST DECADE. “Maybe ever” only speaks to their future potential. Those fast pitch balls are urethane/reactive blends, and not all urethane. This was a good comparison video for Rev dominant bowlers to consider.

  7. Ive honestly never thrown a urethane ball and have been looking into it for about a month and thought I was going to get a pitch black. But all this hype on the purple hammer recently has got me second guessing and after this review i definitely need something thats going to come back harder from going up the middle into the thick of the oil. I think jimoo made my decision for me haha

  8. Are we honestly not gonna mention that haircut in-between patterns. Hahaha

    I thought he was looking fluffy in the 1st half

  9. I have tossed the very first Urethane the AMF Angle back in the 80’s Hammer Nail and the revised Hammer Blue. Today I have fallen in love with my newly acquired Fast Pitch. A little stronger than the Pitch Black around the corner. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pitch Purple?

  10. A bit expected, but nice video nonetheless. How do these 2 compare to the Fever Pitch i wonder…

  11. I was literally about to buy a pitch black and now may consider the hammer. Thanks for the review.

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