Radical Bowling Rattler Bowling Ball | BowlerX Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond

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15 Comments on “Radical Bowling Rattler Bowling Ball | BowlerX Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond”

  1. Curious question with all the ball reviews you do, I am sure that you keep some of them for tournaments. What do you do with the ones you don’t? I figure that you plug and sell them at a discounted price or sell them to others and let them deal with the used ball issue themselves?

  2. the ppl who r comparing the rattler ball to a venom shock probably haven’t thrown one befor! I have a venom shock and my opinion i don’t see it! u throw the rattler stright to the right! u can’t do that with the venom shock y cuse its the highest hooking ball from that line! u have to play lefty righty with it to make it go to the pins the right! if u try playing straight with it u gonna get a early hook and go through the face and lave pins to pick up!

  3. This reminds me more of a Damn Good Verge than the Venom Shock. The Venom Shock has more pop down lane whereas the DGV is smoother front to back.

  4. Both companies use a different finishing process.
    I also know the shock calms down as you get games on it. Starts off aggressive. So in the span of a rattlers life how will it compare is the thing. Or once you redo the finish or let it lane shine to stable.
    I seen some other reviews of both and the shock just Carrying more .

  5. HI JR I was told last week that I need more speed on the ball for my Rev Rate. I use the Roto Grip Camo and been trying to stay in that simple roll release up the right side. What would you tell someone at the age of 72 how to get more speed on ball and how it effect the timing to stay in control of release. I don’t get many strikes and leave the 4–7 or 6-10 a lot I rely on my spare shooting to keep my 180 average.

  6. I am confused by all the ball tech, if I have a phase3 hybrid ball and an old eraser pbt pearl, what type of ball should I be looking at to round out my league arsenal?

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