10 Comments on “Radical | Maximum Results & The Spy | New core and Textured Polyester?”

  1. Didn’t catch that they modified the results core. That’s dangerous. I wonder if the spy would serve as a ball down from a counter attack?

    Max results 45x4x45
    Spy 60x4x20

  2. Man, I want the Max Results. But I already have the OG Results and the Results Solid lol.

    Maybe if I get the Max Results, I put the flippy layout (70 x 3.5 x 20), and plug the Results Solid and give it a short pin layout.

    Or, go Short pin on the Max Results. But that seems to be kind of…defeating its purpose :(.

  3. I bowl in a SUPER dry house, so The Spy looks like a very interesting piece for a step up from my Maxim. I expect this one to fly off the shelves for many other rev dominate league bowlers.

  4. If it isn’t too expensive I might need a The Spy just out of morbid curiosity. “Textured poly” with a legit asym block? The heck?

  5. I expected a solid version of the results plus. Even though it’s not by far as strong core wise, the ball motion it created is beyond belief and anyone that saw the plus rolling downlane knows what I’m talking about. Seems like a lost oportunity.

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