Radical said they wouldn’t, BUT THEY DID!! | Bowling Ball Review | Radical Double Cross

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Radical has released the Double Cross as their first Urethane bowling ball! How does it stack up to the famous Purple Hammer? Barks is back demonstrating its true power!

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0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Middle Road 39'
4:34 – Question Time with Barks
4:53 – Pegasus 36'
8:00 – Summary
10:21 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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23 Comments on “Radical said they wouldn’t, BUT THEY DID!! | Bowling Ball Review | Radical Double Cross”

  1. i have not tried urethane yet but i am already thinking of getting either a uc3 or purple hammer. currently only bowl on house shot to practice so i dont have the need for it right now but forsure will get one in the future

  2. Starting to get into bowling tournaments, so I know I need to pick up urethane and learn how to throw it. I know how big it can be and want to be prepared. Probably going to go purple hammer

  3. That Double Cross looked like a total dud hitting the pins. With all of the crap Radical talks about urethane, that ball would have to look phenomenal for me to consider it. Hard pass on the Double Cross.

  4. what a great video i havent thrown urethane since 1998 and that was a black hammer. makes me think for more control might pick one up. as we generally have a house shot 39 feet 10-10 and 12-12 half way down the pattern and flat

  5. On short flatter patterns with flying backends, urethane is a musth have option in the bag. On house, not so much.

  6. Looking forward to seeing you throw the Black widow Pink urethane. I don’t current have a urethane piece bit genuinely think that the BW will be in my bag soon

  7. Urethane is a must for me especially when the patterns play really tight. Urethane is not sensitive like reactive when I see over under. It did not take long for me to get use to it. It is in the bag

  8. Worth noting the Double Cross has a lot more diff than Purple Hammer in 15lb. I think there will be more separation for most of us.

  9. I use the Pyramid Pathogen Plague Urethane Bowling Ball…I really love this ball. Double Cross reminds me of it.

  10. I quit bowling when reactive was first coming out, so urethane isn’t a problem. At the same time I started with plastic, so as far as I’m concerned a bowling ball is a bowling ball and you learn to use what you have for the lane conditions. A bowler who can adjust to the situation no matter what the bowling ball is, is a bowler who will have more success than a bowler who can only play one style and relies on the ball to do 90% of the work.

    1. Id habe to disagree on the stand that with the tech today. If you can match the right ball to your lane needs each time. You stand to bowl more consistant number. You can just throw your normal shot and let the ball make the adjustment rather than changing speed, angles, revs etc. A golfer doesnt have one ball but in your words can also make many things happen with each club. So a happy medium good player can adapt but a good ball for the right lane makes it that much easier to adapt.

  11. It will be advantage and urethane is a must to go ball in the arsenal.
    As a lefty, I do bowl outside more than inside. So, is not so hard to do any adjustment.

  12. It was a bit of an adjustment going to my purple from 20 years of reactive… but i like it so much now i got a uc3 to compliment it

  13. The house i bowl at on wednesdays has almost no carry AT ALL. So many 10 pins. So i throw the purple hammer for that solid 2 piece combination. Allows for a bit stronger reaction and allows for better scores at that center.

  14. Maybe its me but I throw the urethane different than any other ball… For me I play behind the ball to get great reaction

  15. I throw my urethane for 10 pins and tough spares on house. I used to have a negative outlook when it came to Urethane, but it’s a tool, and it’s always good to have more tools.

  16. I love urethane I’ll even throw on house don’t get to throw on sport a lot can’t wait to see the pink widow urethane n 3d offset reviews

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