Roto Grip – GEM™ vs. RST™ X-1 w/ Shannon O’Keefe

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Roto Grip National Staffer Shannon O'Keefe dropped by HQ recently to give us her "HOT TAKE" on the NEW Roto Grip GEM and how it will fit in the Roto Grip line alongside the RST X-1…

Oh and so you know…. the GEM was created to battle those heavier oil conditions. Better known as "Hook In A Box"

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4 Comments on “Roto Grip – GEM™ vs. RST™ X-1 w/ Shannon O’Keefe”

  1. How does it compare to the Proton Physix? It looks like it reads similar but maybe more continuous down lane.

    1. I’d like to see that. I’m wondering if it has the exact same hook but more length. Kind of like the same hook potential as Proton but the same length as the RST X2.

    2. @Jeremy T. Perlinski it is quicker than the X1.. so it clearly isn’t longer or same length as an X2. I think this is a similar ball to the Proton but different shape. I dont see this ball getting a ton of love. The proton and Reality are two great balls.

  2. I’ve seen tons of the reality, proton, and Nova but I never see many RST X1’s. In fact I can’t remember seeing one being used since they came out. Is there a reason the X1 isn’t very common? I don’t often even see pros using it on YouTube let alone at my local house. I would like one because I like the looks of it and need a heavy piece but I tend to shy away from unpopular balls for fear of buying another total lemon. (Looking at you pitbull growl! Sits in my closet and is unusable) any community response would be welcome because I want to buy one.

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