Roto Grip IDOL™ Cosmos – 4 Styles

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Just Like That… Order Has Been Restored In The Universe – thanks to the creation of the IDOL Cosmos….

Given the unparalleled success of the IDOL™ Helios (Not one but TWO sanctioned 900 series), we felt it was an absolute must to create a "Pearlized" version of that same XtremeTrax™ coverstock chemistry with the same Ikon™ Core inside…

Check out our four players providing four different views of the COSMOS….

All shots performed on a 42' house pattern.

✔️0:00 Intro with Chris Schlemer
✔️0:42 Kendle
✔️1:06 Jillian
✔️1:37 Chayton
✔️2:04 Spencer

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