1. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball roto grip idol cosmos with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  2. I think it’s not 4k fast finish, looks like 4000 is different. So this might be a similar cover to what was on the iq tour nano pearl, which was a pretty early cover. Definitely not your typical pearl.

    1. You are correct with that 4000 has more “teeth”. 4k fast they get to 4000 by going through every grit giving it a smoother cover.

  3. Got some spammers in the comments section..balk looks good..can’t wait to see some vids for this one

  4. It is almost like a RST-X1 meets the Helios. Interested to see Storm’s ball reaction video as I have to admit I wasnt overly impressed with the Infinite Physix. The Astro was more skid/flip and Proton was just a hook monster whereas the Infinite seems to fall in between.

    1. The Infinite in-between is exactly how it was designed lol Proton is NEX and Astro was R2S with the Infinite being REX

  5. Yeah brother I’m liking this one, cleaner but a definite more turn and continuing to the pocket with a bang.. yes I love my Helios very much have a lot of high games on it but we needed this one. Can be used before or after the orange Helios, thinking this one will be a little more $ when it hit state side. I would use my P2 then use this green monster for 2nd ball NO DOUBT BRO.. thanks CB.. Oh btw months ago we were talking about the black widow black bro if you remember that I told you I got one from BM, dude this ball rips through the rack, ppl always asking me that love hammer, where or how did you get this one.. lol still a bad a** Ball… thanks for the video also heard Storm is coming out with more balls?

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