Roto Grip Idol Helios | Bowling Ball Review | WHO’S YOUR IDOL??

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Roto Grip Idol Helios has arrived! Jungo compares this new ball to his favourite, old trusty Idol. Is new always better? Watch to find the answer!

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0:00 – Intro
2:04 – Carbon 42' (House)
7:17 – Question Time with Jungo
7:38 – Mercury 40' (Challenge)
11:41 – Summary

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22 Comments on “Roto Grip Idol Helios | Bowling Ball Review | WHO’S YOUR IDOL??”

  1. My idols are Kris Prather, Marshall Kent, and Darren Tang. Love their games, just so smooth and controlled.

  2. Like the fact of your videos being very informative. Being you guys are all young, curious as to what speed you all are averaging, and what your thoughts are, of possible equipment for seniors bowling in house leagues? For myself I am 68 and would like a consistent arc and roll around 10 board with my speed around 14? Also what are your thoughts on wrist braces? thanks

  3. The Black Idol Pearl is my favorite, but the whole line is really good. When a house shot breaks down, there’s nothing else I need to use.

  4. being a two hander, when i first started bowling of course it was belmo. hes still one of my idols but ive grown more into all the other two handers like simo, osku, svensson, packy, and more

  5. I idolize Kris Prather, one of the smoothest releases in PBA. I’m a one handed thumbless bowler but I try my best to emulate his style lol

  6. Definitely Chris Barnes all the way! Top notch knowledge in the sport, love his style and very versatile bowler. Honourable mentions will be Parker Bohn III, Bill O’Neill, Kris Prather! (too many to mention 😂)

  7. Honestly my favorite 2 bowlers are Kris Prather and Brad Miller!
    They’re so smooth, controlled players.. too bad Brad is not a champion on the pba tour yet 🙁

  8. One of the first bowling matches I ever watched was Francois Lavoie shooting 300 in the playoffs so I’d have to say he’s my idol!

  9. Jungo, what pitches do you use? It’s amazing to me how casually you’re able to put your thumb in and out of the ball as you’re talking but then you don’t drop it when you actually throw shots. I need to have such a tight thumb to avoid flying out of it that I could never do that, and it’s a chore to even get it in the thumb hole properly.

    Also, my idol has been Amleto Monacelli since I was 7 years old.

  10. My idol is ej tacket, love his form and ball roll. His power with one hand is amazing. I enjoy watching belmo and Kris Prather also favorites

  11. Nice video again guys! Although i dont see the same reaction you do out of the Helios. For me Helios is cleaner than original Idol. Balls often do different things for different people. Keep up the great content!

  12. I feel like you’re describing the Axiom every time you mention the Helios. Like, you could interchange those two names and the review would be the same. I’d love to hear how you think the Helios compares with the Axiom then.

  13. My idol is Chris Barnes as well but for a different reason to Jungo. I always admired his tactical game and how he always seemed in control of exactly how he wanted to play the lanes and always had a plan, especially when he was in his prime while I was growing up.

  14. My idol was WRW Jr. As I got older it was PDW and it isn’t even close. Basically shows that smooth and slow gets you strikes and $$$.

    I always thought Jason Couch had an insane hook even though he’s a lefty.

  15. Been waiting on Jung’s opinion in this one thanks. I would say EJ Tackett and Sean Rash are my idols. They both have great style and amazing power.

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