Roto Grip RST X-2 | Bowling Ball Review | DON’T SLEEP ON ROTO GRIP!!

The new Roto Grip RST X-2 is the exciting pearl version of the successful RST X-1! With the Roto Star Tour Core and eTrax PLUS Pearl Coverstock, this ball is destined to hook! Jungo is back to compare it to the RST X-1 and the Roto Grip UFO Alert!

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21 Comments on “Roto Grip RST X-2 | Bowling Ball Review | DON’T SLEEP ON ROTO GRIP!!”

  1. I want it! I love moving way left with my Zen (original) but I have to slow it down about 1.5-2 mph. This thing looks like you never had to baby it there…or am I way off?

  2. I don’t use inserts I bowl two handed but really cool how the this ball works I always keep a eye out on future bowling balls but I enjoy all of your videos keep up the great bowling

  3. Almost all my balls I match the inserts to the engraving unless the ball is black. If black it gets black inserts no matter the color of the engraving

  4. I used to always match the inserts to the engravings on the ball. Now I always have an orange middle finger and green ring finger in every ball. Without a thumb hole, I can see how I released it better with different colors.

    1. Thought I was missing something from a previous video until jungo threw it and the core popped up in the corner lol

  5. The RSTx2 is a beast for a pearl, Still very smooth but I think I’m going to really love it when I break mine in,

    Makes me really want to try an RSTX1 to compliment it now.

  6. I have the X1 and I love it. I went with black inserts on that one to blend in a little more. However, I am definitely going with the green inserts with my X2 when I get it. I love the look of this ball and can’t wait to get it on the lanes.

  7. How would you compare this to the Nuclear Cell? They seem pretty similar with the skid/snappiness of the ball reaction.

  8. It typically depends on the ball for me. Some i like to have the same color but some I have as the complete opposite, i usually just have it as whatever feels good on the hand works for me and I don’t mind colors

  9. I tend to match my thumb insert to the color of the PIN. Unless it’s a ball with DOT, I go with the color of the engravings.

  10. I’m a thumbless one hander. I match my grips with the logo. It just makes for a nicer looking ball for me 😬

  11. I always try to match the grips to the color of the logo. If it doesn’t look good or look right I’ll go with something typical like yellow that I know I’ll be able to see going down the lane. Like for example my idol is yellow and my venom shock is orange. Don’t have silver grips for my axiom pearl so I had to go with white and I can’t see them at all. lol

  12. I use yellow in everything because everyone has yellow 2in1 in stock. If I can’t see the yellow contrast with the ball, I’d go to purple or a darker color for contrast so I can see angle/rotation

  13. I use grips for the finger holes being a no thumb bowler. I have red in my phaze 2, orange in my IQ tour np, orange in my vip affliction. Orange in my squatch, black in my purple hammer, red in my hustle wine, blue in my rhino and black and blue in my spare ball lol

  14. I usually never match my inserts to the ball. I typically just use whatever is in stock at the pro shop. To me it’s not that big of a deal. Great video. This may be my next ball to fit between my X-1 and my UC2.

  15. I try to use the opposite color of the ball when I go with inserts. Something that stands out. Gives me some added visibility on the lane.

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