Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 | Bowling Ball Review | BIGGEST HOOKING URETHANE??

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Roto Grip has paired the Rondure Core and the new Tour-Ethane Pearl Coverstock to create the Rubicon UC3. Jungo is back, excited to bridge the gap in his arsenal between reactive and urethane, is this ball the best urethane on the market??

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0:00 – Intro
2:13 – Carbon 42' (House)
6:46 – Question Time with Jungo!
7:17 – Pegasus 36' (Challenge)
10:59 – Summary
14:38 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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22 Comments on “Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 | Bowling Ball Review | BIGGEST HOOKING URETHANE??”

    1. I don’t think he can because I thought we would see him throwing it in the teaser videos so his rev rate might be too high for it

  1. I took a Hustle PBR and drilled it with a 6.5 inch pin. I like standing right and rolling outside so that layout works to fill that gap

  2. that ball looks sweet, i might pick one up to try it out for house shot because im med speed high rev player and most reactive balls have too much hook, this might be what ive been looking for in a ball

  3. WOW, 22 to 5 Unbelievable’ what a turn from 5th board. I used storm fast pitch, then the Motiv just to see what their product was like on their urethane/plastic ball.😩. This ball is going to play well for my style being a lefty. I usually stand on 18, roll off 11 to 2, @ 15.8-16.2 off Hand speed, rev’s 400. I’ve slowed down on the fast pitch then I get the over the pocket, to fast can not get strong in the pocket. This ball is going to be a strong seller. Thanks guys for the awesome video

    1. Weirdo 😂 jk, it rolled bad for me felt like i had to be perfect with my hand in order for it to shape correctly. To be fair i think the uc3 is a completely different shape in comparison to the hot cell, not as early and plenty more kick in the back

  4. How does it compare to the Pitch Purple? Since they’re both “urethane” but kind of bridge the gap between true urethane and reactives

  5. Mentioned purple a lot would love to see comparisons lol straighter is greater for consistency but if you can hook urethane your competition has no chance
    [pushed oil]

  6. Currently I use the Black Widow Urethane to bridge the gap between the OG Purple Hammer and my reactives. Would love to see a comparison video between the BW Urethane and UC3 to see if a cleaner cover would be a better option

  7. What I do to fill the urethane to reactive gap? Simple, I’m a free agent so I throw a Purple Hammer 🤣 On a real tho depends on the pattern. Most short patterns I can just go to a urethane with a slightly higher surface (E.g. Urethane with 500 to Urethane with 1000), close my angles back stick with it for the whole day. Either that or IQ Tour or Phaze II with surface (500/1000) work pretty well for me, controls the pocket well and just gotta focus on making good shots off my hand to carry

  8. Have a C-4 and Halo Vision with 2 1-4 “ pin to pap for short patterns but definitely going to drill a UC3

  9. Would love to see Jimoo throw this ball. Just no good 2 Hander reviews. Except Packy, but he’s lefty (and Brunswick). Looks like an absolute winner. I’ve tried a lot of balls between my Fast Pitch from the right side and my UC2 on the far left, none have really suited me the way those 2 balls do. Curently using a really weak layout on a 3000 sanded Zen, but this ball definitely is on my wishlist to fill that gap (or even fully replace both Zen and Fast Pitch so I can put plastic in my bag and just have the 1 bag with no additions for league).

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