23 Comments on “Rule of 31 | Part 2 | WHICH BALL IS BEST??”

  1. Can’t wait for this video… just got a pitch black and I now understand why lefty’s LOVE URETHANE oh my gosh is that thing amazing for me… my new favorite ball and it’s not even close

    1. Its weird if they don’t tell you (the oil guy should know), but then you guess. You throw a ball slowly, mabe a pearl, and watch where if flips.

  2. my favorite pattern is 44 ft big ben, averaged a 238 on it and it was my first JBT ever. can’t wait to bowl on it again

  3. THAT’s what a video I keep looking for! Different styles, different lengths, and different ball choices make this video much more insightful and useful than ever. I usually bowl on the medium and medium-short pattern in the league. As a two-handed bowler, I really agree with the ball choice of Jimmo. Love you all and your insightful videos!

  4. I bowl on typical house patterns. Do you feel the rule of 31 applies on THS? During the men’s league it seems that the best place to have your ball is around board 8 at the end of the pattern of 41 feet at least for right handers. As transition sets in just move 2:1 left and keep going as needed to keep the ball in the pocket. It’s almost like targeting way down lane at board 8 and just changing your angle to that target… Excellent video this morning…

    1. It applies and is a good place to start although the high pattern ratio of a THS may sometimes take precedence

    2. Actually the rule of 31 applies more accurately to the “exit point”, not the “breakpoint”. Meaning it is where the ball should be exiting the pattern. Break point is the furthest right (for a right hander) the ball goes before going left. And they are not the same thing , they just are equal sometimes.

  5. Medium to long I enjoy the most. Matches up very well with my rev rate and opening up the lanes is never a bad option as long as I have the right ball in my hand. I had to recently chase my idol synergy with my nuclear cell on a ths for league. Synergy would not carry where the nuclear carried every shot besides the two ten pins I left lol. As always guys, superb informative video and keep up the great work.

  6. It would be helpful when talking balls other than urethane, would be to say if they’re solid, hybrid, or pearl. I do really appreciate the content that is being put out!

  7. Jimoo is crazy accurate…awesome! At what length down lane are you generally wanting your breakpoint to be?

  8. I love longer patterns because I can play straighter, but I score better on short when I can just bank urethane off the 1-2 board.

  9. I prefair short as i am not a big hooker of the ball but can control it well on short, medium okay as well but hate long

  10. Love when you guys upload, always bring fun and education together into one, best bowling channel on the Tube. 😎

  11. Random side question, whenever you release your ball quickly and smoothly, it makes the popping noise. However, if you dont always pop does that mean you’re not getting out of it with proper fundamentals or is it just a matter of poor fitment?

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