Shined pearl vs Dull pearl

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11 Comments on “Shined pearl vs Dull pearl”

  1. LOL I watched this last night, the thumbnail pic was a purple hammer and I was hoping to see what the surface differences did to urethane.

    1. I have one of the new Brunswick Purple Hammers with the stronger coverstock.
      I put a 2″ Leverage layout on it hoping that would give me control and more length and I still could not use it on house shots.
      It was simply too strong and early and died out in the dry, or I could not keep it right of the head pin.
      So I took it up to 8000 grit dull using a 8000 grit Trizact pad and now this thing is a beast!
      I can play down and in from the outside with it now, like you want to do with urethane, and it has tons of energy now and strikes like crazy.

    2. @nordattack If you wanted more length and control why didnt you go with a longer pin to PAP like 6 inches? A 2 inch pin will definitely make the ball want to read even sooner than it is already designed to do.

    3. @vance836Oh sorry, forgot to tell you, I am a Full Roller. So we Full Rollers use totally different layouts to accomplish the same things.

  2. ur throwing the power torq by Colombia 300! and the thumbnail show purple hammer urethane lol! throught u were gonna throw the purple hammer! Nice click bating! lol

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