20 Comments on “STORM & 900 GLOBAL | 2021 DISCONTINUED LIST UPDATE!”

    1. @Hershel Jones I have access to the discontinued list. Currently not on it. Trust me, the minute it gets added a video will be going up

  1. Definitely wish bowlersmart did a special pricing if u bought more than one ball at a time really would love to get my hands on axiom axiom pearl and hyroad max but can’t afford all it same time even with Afterpay

  2. Of all the balls listed the Axiom surprises me that it’s on this list. Thought it was a big hit with the tour players & amateur staffers. Both Honeybadgers surprised me too. I guess 900 realky wants to push the Wolverine when it’s released. I see a lot of Master line balls discontinued here. Maybe Phaze 4 official stateside announcement soon?

  3. Thank you got my extra Axiom Pearl 4 months ago as soon as I seen trend 2 look almost alike I figured it would go. Your information is very helpful. Thanks again. 😊

  4. Really interesting list, especially seeing the Axiom pearl- a lot of staffers really loved that ball (until the Zen came out)

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