31 Comments on “Storm Axiom Pearl | The Best Pearl Bowling Ball!”

    1. I agree but he is not considered a pro yet in a way because if you think about it jason belmonte will crush him. Bruh

  1. Axiom pearl is my new favorite. I have a much lower rev rate than you so it works well on the fresh. When they get burned up I go to a phase 3 or hustle hsb.

  2. Love to see some more reviews! Would like to see the bowling ball compared to more than one bowling ball. Such as the axiom pearl getting compared to the new Rubicon UC2 or Hyroad Pearl or even the regular Axiom.

  3. I might wanna get this ball I love how it holds on in the last couple of feet. And you did a nice job of showing that by throwing the zen. Nice video

    1. It’s hard to make adjustments and stick to them when you’re in practice. Sometimes you revert back to old ways. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. It takes a stupid amount of time to really iron everything out.

  4. I want to see axiom solid and OG rubicon from you. Rubicon has been destroying at house shot tourneys lately.

  5. Really like your release Kyle, and I enjoy all the videos you and Brad put out. That bowling alley may want to invest in a pack of ceiling tiles btw.

  6. I just grabbed a Zen the other day… smh… it’s a monster (props to 900 Global!). The Axiom looks great as well!

  7. Do the high road max I’m very interested to see the difference between it and the original high road

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