Storm Bowling Ball Exchange Program – Which Ball Should I Get to Replace my Current Ball?

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16 Comments on “Storm Bowling Ball Exchange Program – Which Ball Should I Get to Replace my Current Ball?”

  1. Would you be losing too much if you went from the Electrify Solid to the Pearl? My thinking is you might get a bit more length? I have a no thumber that was having success with his Solid and I believe he went with the Pearl.

    1. For me, also a no thumber, I actually think the Pearl hooks more. It’s not really any longer than the Solid, but I think it hooks more on the backend.

  2. Replaced Alert with a Nova via the Storm replacement program. Cost me $20 to ship the alert back to Storm. I received the Nova along with a drilling certificate within 7 business days.

    1. Most pro shops charge 30 bucks for normal 3 hole drilling storm gives a 50$ rebate so you’re pro shop should help u out with the 20$ if you keep using him to drill all you’re balls

  3. There has been some chatter and speculation around some of my local pro shops saying that in a year/next year, USBC will put all 6 of these balls on the Ban List… even though they said after their decision to just ban them at USBC national events that “NO OTHER ACTION” will be taken. Have you heard anything like this? And if so… those who don’t exchange by June 1 are SOL… Also… If sending in for an exachange… how do we request certain specs??? I usually get my balls in the low 15lbs (15.0 – 15.3) with 3-4″ pins. Doesn’t look like there are options for that in their request form.

  4. If you already had a proton physix and hyped pearl, you didn’t need any of these balls in the first place.

  5. I agree USBC needed to be more transparent with this process, I agree with Belmo and his post on FB. The USBC hiding and covering the situation at hand going behind a curtain. Made everyone question the true integrity of what they were trying to accomplish. They failed exponentially and they should be held accountable for their mistakes, just as any other person or company is.

  6. JR.. Have you ever thrown a Virtual Energy? This was pre surface times for me and I never loved the ball. It was too clean and didn’t ever turn the corner how I liked. Thinking back if it was 1500-2000 surface I might have liked it. Core numbers are similar to the Nova and both use the same cover.

    I have thought of getting a Nova but don’t want another Virtual Energy.

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