Storm Dark Code Bowling Ball on Fresh House Shot Condition | BowlerX with JR Raymond

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13 Comments on “Storm Dark Code Bowling Ball on Fresh House Shot Condition | BowlerX with JR Raymond”

  1. Numbers!? Did you drill it intentionally to be smooth on the backend or is that just how smooth the ball is?

    1. the ball is starting to turn around 25-30 feet, it looks like the just is too much friction on the lanes for this ball. The numbers are typically all the same for JR’s videos.

  2. wow compared to your storm parallax effect video which was filmed in the same center too i believe?
    The dark code looks awefully weak.. i dont know if its the layout or the lane surface?? if i had this center as my home lanes i would pick the parallax effect for sure..
    maybe the dark code needs REALLY high friction lane surfaces and backends?

  3. It is super rolly/smooth. Looks like the Hyroad X as far as the color while going down lane

  4. I would have liked to see JR loft the ball and also try and hook it from gutter to gutter and see how much backend it would have had then because it definitely is smooth on the backend

  5. Looks like the 45 degree drill angle and 1:1 ratio is burning a bit through the front on these lanes. I’d love to see this ball with a bit higher ratio layout. ie: 60×4.5×30
    White tape on your PAP would make it easier to see what this ball is doing.

  6. Can you compare the Honey Badger Revival, Nuclear Cell, and the Dark Code? One of these 3 will be my next ball, but so far the Dark Code looks very disappointing.

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