21 Comments on “Storm Dark Code | Bowling Ball Review | WHICH STORM PEARL IS THE STRONGEST??”

  1. The ball that I shot my highest scores with and could always count on when I was either lost or when I needed a ton of shape and continuation… Storm Xfactor Vertigo.

    If you can find one, I recommend getting it. Phenomenal ball.

    Keep in mind that I had to quit bowling eight years ago, but that was my favorite ball of all time.

  2. Axiom Solid was the first ball I got returning to bowling and learning to throw hook! What a great ball.

    1. i found three og gamebreakers theres nothing better as a benchmark even my web tour made in usa doesnt compare

  3. Man! You guys are great! Such excellent information. When you popped the UC2 in it was like you were reading my mind! The ball that means a lot to me is the Sure Lock.

  4. The ball that I have an attachment to is the Black Widow Gold. I recorded my best game with it at 267 and I’ve always had such an attachment to that ball and the entire Black Widow line. Just picked up a limited edition Black Widow Red and can’t WAIT to try it out!

  5. One of the balls that means a lot to me is the Track Heat Lava , real smooth and snappy down lane , next to my obsession Tour

  6. original crux for me was king, wish i could get a new one from storm again, so good, core thru pins around everywhere

  7. Dark Code is $$$$, I find the UC2 just a tad stronger and earlier than the Dark Code. Both awesome balls!! Great Video boys!!

  8. Jungo has like 3 weeks worth of UFO Alert footage he has to edit through, thats why its taking so long because he has to choose which of the straight 480 strikes he got in a row.

  9. When I was just starting adult leagues, I threw my very 1st 300 with a AMF Angle Plus, that’s the ball that will always be near & dear to my heart.

  10. Even as a “Motiv guy”, the Ebonite Mission Domination ($250k) holds a special place to me. Still have it 10 years later.

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