10 Comments on “Storm Electrify Solid | Versatility | URD July 23, 2021”

  1. Ah ! But “sneaky” Storm marketing department ! They put Jillian Martin to throw a solid ball….because Jillian has a ton of axis rotation “a la” Pete Weber, so of course it will do a big move in the end. Well played Storm…well played ^_^

    1. @The Therion, don’t be such a malcontent, just view the ball then by its data points and don’t watch other people throwing it.

    2. @machine thesun And you don’t be so judgemental of people you know nothing about. Just either have a respectful conversation, or move along. I know how to evaluate a ball, and i also know marketing when i see it, thank you.

  2. What is going on in the world of Columbia? Outside of the new Beast color, it has been dead silent for quite a while. Any word on what might be on the horizon regarding mid priced symmetrical since the Outlook has/had little to no buzz surrounding it? Seems to be a fairly big gap between the Beast and the Dynamic Swings.

  3. Electrify Pearl is my favorite in my bag right now when there is enough friction to use it. This ball looks like the illegitimate love child of the Code Red (another favorite) and the Uproar (a ball I liked a lot) and has a Hustle INK vibe on the lane. Hell yeah I’m in.

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