Storm Fate Bowling Ball Video | The New BELMO Ball | BowlerX Full Review with JR Raymond

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20 Comments on “Storm Fate Bowling Ball Video | The New BELMO Ball | BowlerX Full Review with JR Raymond”

  1. So now you can really show what cores do JR since there are now 4 REX pearls out there. Get a Dark Code, an Infinite and Night Road and throw on same spots to show how core impacts roll

  2. So JR, I dig your videos as always the last 5 years and it would be better I think on a fresh pattern than a beaten up pattern. I was curious because it would actually show us the movement on the ball w/fresh oil. Any good player as you can make a ball look great on a hse pattern that had 2 to 4 games on it or the next day after league. Just asking JR, not knocking on you

    1. This condition is when this ball is meant to be thrown though. This ball is not meant for a fresh condition; typically, you would throw a solid or urethane on the fresh.

    2. JR has tested on a variety of conditions. He has done videos on sport patterns. In fact; he did one not that long ago.

    3. @Nevin Kinzel / dude I know this & I didn’t pacifically mean that trackball, I mentioned it would be cool to see fresh patterns any any ball. It’s a house shot, not a sport shot. Every ball is on a beaten up pattern, just saying the last 5 balls could have been displayed on fresh hse?

  3. I like this ball better than the P5, I would use the after my infinite PhisX, Fate, P5 on Block, HSE league I would love to use this 1st, playing different angles

  4. Two-handers need their own league…It’s much easier to generate more revs with no thumb and two hands…So why are they allowed to throw that way?

    1. I look at it this way:
      Most bowlers have two arms = there is no advantage/disadvantage. Same potential per human.

      If two handed bowling is much easier and better then why don’t everyone convert to two handed?

      It’s atleast clear to me that it is about individual preference!
      I think the rivalry between the two makes bowling entertaining and exciting, and I’m sure we’ll see more one hand and two hand bowlers in the future!

  5. My FATE lies in the hands of STORM and the REX Cooverstock. Adding this as soon as possible to the Infinite Physix, Dark Code, Phase 2 bag

  6. these reviews are useless bc i never kn0w what these gyuys are talking about. “wanted to see more continuation around its shape…. it still pops down lane….had some get up and go…..gonna try to play a little bit straighter….floated thru there very nice….but you can see how quick of a motion (‘floating’ and ‘quick’ are sorta opposites). No idea what they “typical 5 and 3ish” is. you arent being helpful to all. id rather see you draw it out on a pice of paper (telestarter? ) what you expected th eball to do (draw a line), what happend when you threw it (draw another line).

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