1. been loving my night road, i’ve probably thrown it for over 200 games now, so this news makes me sad. i just started bowling about two years ago and still improving, so i still have to decide if i want to stock up with an extra one.

    1. try something else w the REX cover, that may be what you like even more then the core. Fate is nice step up from Night Rd, enjoying my Fate as my transition/later ball. Hit the Fate w 3000 and you could have a great 1-2 punch

  2. Both Hustles are gone, so I’m guessing that means all new Hustles this summer.
    The Off White Mix is the best looking spare ball imo, so I might grab a couple before they are gone.
    Rubicon UC3 is another one worth grabbing.
    The Idol Cosmos is super popular in my house, although I’ve never thrown it myself.

    1. Hustle USA is still around I think. I have one and really like it for the higher friction (old) lanes and I can keep it right until the angles open up just a little later. I almost got the Camo but went with USA instead. It was a good choice for me. I suspect they will come out with some new ones. It is a popular line and lots of bang for the buck.

  3. My Super Nova and Zen Soul complement each other. Hate that they’re being discontinued 😢

  4. I thought the Infinite would be in the line-up for a long time. Everyone seems to have loved that ball.

    1. You can’t go wrong with any of the PhysiX line balls, never gotten to throw an Astro, been looking for a cheap one but can’t seem to find anything cheaper than 250

    2. @Tyler Hernandez I talked to storm and was told there was no plan for a new ball with the atomic core in the current future

  5. Super Nova has been good for me when fresh is wet. I haven’t had a strong solid asym inawhile so nothing to compare to. I think because its slow and nex tumbles farther down lane then u’d expect made it less popular then the earlier stronger Gem. Gonna try a gem quick here

    1. Yeah I love mine too but I feel like of the solid asyms it wasn’t very popular 🤷🏼‍♂️ a lot of these just came out I’m not sure why they’re getting rid of them so soon

  6. Not surprised by the RST-X3. I have one and its use is very, very narrow for me personally. Just got done with the 2023 masters pattern in my summer ss league. It was really, really good for me. Scored pretty high on a very transitioned house shot with it as well. Long story short, it needs long patterns and lower ball speed to really shine. I love it in those situations. Tried it on the Earl Anthony pattern in practice last week and it just was not the right ball. Even after building a wall with my UC3.

  7. This is sad, I just threw my first sanctioned 600 series, 625, last week with my Zen Soul and I have the Night Road in my bag and I love it.

  8. EDIT: Just heard it was a email to storm staffers… sadness. Time to get ready to spend money on 3 or so more infinite physix.

    Quick question, where is the source from? I don’t want to lose the infinite or Cosmos.

  9. They must be going to drop a bunch over the summer. Sad to see some of these go especially the Infinite and Camo. Two of my favorites.

  10. Simo threw the Idol helios and the wolverine dark moss last weekend at the summerslam. I was always interested in the night road. that was the ball that the storm “what ball should i buy” tool said would be the best fit for me .

  11. I just bought a hustle wine a few months back and OMG I love it. For what it is and the price it is a pretty mean ball and powerful on the backend f our house shot. Already had many high 200’s with. The UC3 is one I keep going back and forth on but I really Love ad I mean Love my motive blue tank and it is MCP that plays a lot like urethane and I just can’t ever seem to pull the trigger on it. But I do have the UC2. I am not partial to any brand but I do have to say all my best games are with Motiv. If they ever DC the Jackal ghost I will be heartbroken.

  12. I just got the super nova last week and shot a new high series in league with it. Love the ball and said I would buy another if it gets discontinued. Just didn’t believe it would be so soon lol

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