1. so jealous of overseas. surprised there’s not a rst solid version to go with the other 2.

  2. It’s a long shot for getting these? But I like the Nexc cover because the Axiom blue/white storm ball has that cover I believe Chris. Code master count me in Bro

  3. Code Master looks like it is nearly identical to the Dark Code. Pearl Reactive cover, same weight block… I don’t see where this ball would do much different than my Dark Code (which I love)

  4. I’m going to keep it all the way funky fresh with everyone the Zen Soul is the one ball I’m most excited about this month

    1. PGTV , I will go with you on the mate, I’m going to get that one’ I believe it would be just as good as the overseas ball and complete Opposites of the Zen pearl. I didn’t get the Zen master because to many ppl told me don’t waste your $

    2. @Remington I have had mine on preorder for a month and have the sneaking suspicion that it will become my new benchmark ball. Just be sure to let me know what you think when you get it and I will do the same brother. 👍

  5. How would the RST X1 and X2 compare to the RST X2 Pro? I LOVE my X2. I’m wondering if the Pro would be any better or the same.

    1. its kinda hard to know since they’re overseas and there won’t be many reviews on em. if u want a pro good luck getting one, maybe eBay or something

  6. Watched the Storm Korea ball video that the commenter below tagged for the RST X-2 Pro. That ball has zaaaaaang.

  7. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball storm code master with nano technology in the Bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time cool roto grip rest x 2 pro with nano technology in the bowling ball too more strike and spares hitting power at time bowler rant Chris beans

  8. What’s up with all the “pro” and “master” coming from SPI? It’s like the person in charge of naming got stoned/lazy/forgot that they already have these names in the lineup. 😂

  9. That 1500 polish seems incorrect. Keep in mind the Dark Code’s entry on the storm site was changed to read 4k Fast. I’m not in love with the idea of a stronger cover Dark Code.

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