Storm Spectre | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. Zen + Wolverine | HOUSE SHOT SURPRISE??

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The new Storm Spectre features the Vector Core and R3S Pearl Coverstock. Comparing it to the famous 900 Global Zen and Wolverine, Jungo tests to see how this new Storm plays on a house shot and challenge pattern.

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0:00 – Intro
1:48 – Carbon 42' (House)
5:07 – Question Time with Jungo
5:25 – Mercury 40' (Challenge)
8:18 – Summary
11:02 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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21 Comments on “Storm Spectre | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. Zen + Wolverine | HOUSE SHOT SURPRISE??”

  1. Do you prefer the zen at a different grit and no polish? Out of box, it seems angular for me but still controllable.

  2. Get back into bowling, after a hip replacement last year and a hairline fracture on the same leg I just want to bowl again once I’m healthy.

  3. The spectre looks to drive through the pins very well. Where something like the wolverine always looks like it deflects. This ball looks like it’ll be really good for alot of regular bowlers

  4. Goals for 2022: work on better balance, be more consistent with my wrist, and hold an average above 210 the rest of the year. Also travel to more tournaments

  5. Coming back into the game after 7 years away due to health problems so my goals are 1. Get my average over 200 (when I left I was 215-220, currently in 190’s) and 2. Play in a bunch of tournaments to just really savor that I’m back into my favorite sport after being gone too long. 2 tournaments this weekend!

  6. Bowling goal for 2022:
    Get my average to 200. Second year of league bowling and right now it’s at about 190. Not bad but wanna get it to that number

  7. Nice vid. 2022 goals for bowling are to up my avg from 171 to a 190 or 200. About to drop money down on a Black Widow Ghost Pearl and hoping it fills the gap for me.

  8. I wanna bowl my first 300 .
    Just had a 264 last night in league was mad after having the front 9 then getting 8 then proceeded to whiffed the spare 😆 🤣

  9. Well my goals have been set, I have been picked junior national team and I’m looking to improve my average, I’ve only been bowling for 3years now and I cannot ask for anymore as this is amazing how far I’ve come as a new bowler

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