1. Storm needs to fight this, or USBC will do this to a lot of other, manufactures. (Hammer now Storm who else is next?)

  2. This is not acceptable. I don’t want another ball. I want the ball I bought.
    Not offering money back means they’re NOT taking care of us. It is NOT our fault that the ball got banned. Fix that, get the ball reinstated, or give us a refund.

    1. @Neooooo NO, this is NOT “the most they can do”. This is what’s best for THEM (Storm), not what’s best for US.

  3. Absolutely a fan of this decision. Basically get a free ball aswell as a future collectors item. I wonder if storm is going to fight this because as they said they tested their spectres again and still found that their balls met the hardness requirements. It makes me wonder who is right or wrong here…

  4. Really cool that storm isn’t asking for the spectre back. Maybe there is a process or possibility that this ball gets reinstated. I only hope that there is a similar ball to the spectre on the list that storm will release. This was a ball that was meant to fit a gap in my arsenal.

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