1. To be fair Motiv logos are pretty booboo also, but more plain looking then jinky garbage like Swag lol. Plus many good pro’s use Motiv so they’re obviously good equipment. Hadn’t even heard of Swag before ur vid couple days ago, you’re actually helpin them! lol

    1. I don’t like Motiv logos. They look like tattoos. Except for balls like the Supra line. Loooooove those!

    2. I throw mostly Motiv (partly bc my pro shop guy is a brand ambassador) but I also love my SPI stuff too. I agree the logos are lacking. But they make up in performance that’s for sure.

      But the Swag balls I’ve seen look and perform like straight hot garbageπŸ˜‚

  2. Don’t know much about California Bowling, but a league mate of mine bought a Blizzard Whiteout back in January. He only throws that ball and it started off strong, but it didn’t take long until the cover started to become weak. It went from a very strong pearl to something weaker than my Sneak Attack in 4 weeks… we tried to liven it up with some CTD products and some resurfacing, but never could bring it back to the original strength. I used my Sneak attack many months before he got that ball and it is the same strength as it was out of the box and only resurfaced it twice since August.

    My conclusion is that the product isn’t at the same level at Storm/Brunswick/Motiv, and the staff knows it. I’d really love to see their products on the PBA more, but it is very clear they’re not at the level of the big 3 brands… If they want people to start buying their products, they need to invest in better quality of their products

  3. Bottom line is it don’t matter what the ball looks like, it takes a bowler to be able to throw it, so don’t matter what it looks like it is how it works

    1. @Bowlers Rant your welcome Chris beans I never heard of swag bowling at all I know storm bowling roto grip bowling Brunswick bowling hammer bowling or radical bowling technology and prymid bowling

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  5. Why waste your time with them is the question. Said what yo had to say, time to move on. I never even wanted to hear a thing about any of their products so be done with em

  6. Former swag staffer, its was bad for everyone at my home center. Tried for a whole year to get a ball to roll correctly and everything is either read at your toes or a glorified spare ball that wiggles. Only two balls out of 15 I had that I actually enjoyed throwing were the Swagger Bomb ironically and the XXXmas ball. But much happier throwing SPI products and much better scores as well.

  7. I don’t understand tearing a company down, if we actually want to grow the sport. 🀷

    1. Note I spent most of the time tearing down THEIR staffers who wanted to SUE me. But I report on products, and most of their stuff looks like diaper rash (my opinion)

  8. Awesome video, speak what you think. How many PBA National players are on SWAG’s staff?

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