1. I’ve only ever had lord field balls spark on me, and their cores are HARD and will dull your bits lol

  2. Morpheus Legend ball is the only one I had spark when I drilled and sanded thumb. Makes you jump for sure. I have drilled 7 Lord field, Legends and Swag balls some I like some I don’t, left Morpheus on ball rack at bowling alley only had 3 games on it.

  3. Some Swag cover stocks have had so much plastisizer in them they absorb no oil and bleed just from hand heat right out of box. They need to raise their QC to earn a spot in my shop.

  4. The Swag incredible phenom is a continuation of the incredible line. And as for the Black Pearl Anchor, as I mentioned before in another video, the Black Pearl line has been with California Bowling for a very long time. Think of it like the Rhino from Brunswick or the Phase series from storm. And who cares what a core looks like if it works?

  5. Iโ€™m not on any staff,however Brunswick is the company that I use for my balls (DV8 & Hammer). I use DV8 for my reactive, and Hammer for my two urethane balls. That being said, when I see another league bowler wearing a storm shirt/jersey I use that time to joke around with them. Iโ€™ll comment on how their average would go up at-least 15 pins if they had a real ball, or Iโ€™ll ask if they want to practice with a ball that actually hooks. I say those things as a joke, and the interaction is a joking setting. They throw shots back at me as well, especially about how the pitch black is better than my purple hammer. Back to the video, any serious bowler understands that people have their favorites. Rather itโ€™s a league bowler that has a favorite brand, or a staffer who can only wear that brand. When things like this happen, all it does is make the non staffer want to avoid the brand instead of trying it. Itโ€™s a shirt. If it was a big deal, they could have asked him to put on none bowling shirt. The situation could have been handled way better

  6. I see the Roto Grip Attention Scarlet is also Reacta Gloss in the overseas market. Any chance that line is about to finally make a stateside release?

  7. I didn’t know SWAG was headquartered in San Antonio, aren’t they a Korean brand? 900global is the only company hdqr in San Antonio, so I’ll have to disagree with you there. Their North American whse is in Wichita Falls, so whomever posted that saying they went to their Hdqrs in SA, completely lied. Please fact check before posting. And yes I do have a few SWAG, but not exclusive.

  8. Swag has some of the best looking balls. Thier pearl lacks snap but the balls aren’t bad and have major shelf appeal.
    My PSO did mention the cores were tough on my swag and big bowling

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