Swag Swagger Showoff Bowling Ball Video | Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond

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15 Comments on “Swag Swagger Showoff Bowling Ball Video | Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond”

  1. I’d love to see how some of these balls compare to so called “beginner” balls. Ones like the Rhino, Twist, Hustle, etc. How much is a difference between the new top shelf balls and the “beginner” types.

    1. When JR moves into 5th arrow; the beginner balls would hit the 6 pin flush and might graze the 3 pin on the way by whereas these stronger balls hook back to the pocket. Complete night and day difference when there is a puddle in the middle of the lane. Hustles are stronger than the Twist so you could see more ball reaction out of those. But balls like the Twist are going to go very straight compared to the higher end pieces.

  2. I have one sitting just waiting to be drilled! Can’t wait to throw it. Different core and coverstock from the Joker Wild. Same core and cover as the original Swagger except it’s a Pearl. Obviously the numbers are different.

  3. That ball is super strong for a symmetric. Wonder how it would compare against something like a Zen. I think this is something missing from the higher end symmetrics. Once you get into Zen territory; seems like most balls all have RGs under 2.50 with high differentials. Nice to see a higher end ball with a strong cover that the core does not try to overpower.

  4. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidek donde quiera que vun.Monster encantan tus videos.

  5. This ball is stupid good, constant drive through the pins with a variety of angles. I have found that on a THS it has the ability to recover if you miss right and will hold if you get it in better then a majority of the balls. The high RG 2.572 and Diff .045 along with the S shaped CRANK3R weight block make this pearl a must have.

  6. Am still waiting for u to do review on the storm and global 900 new ball reality check and night road 4 ways and 6 ways

  7. what a cool name for a bowling ball , , the showoff , , swag is so clever to come up with such an original name and not borrow names from other balls , , they really went a l l o u t on this one . . .

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