THE BEST URETHANE?? | Purple Hammer, Black Widow Urethane, Pitch Black, UC3!

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Which is the best urethane bowling ball on the market? Which is the best urethane for you? Jimoo compares bowling's best urethanes to answer all your questions!

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0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Carbon 42' (House)
6:37 – Question Time with Jimoo!
6:54 – Pegasus 36' (Challenge)
13:34 – Summary
17:36 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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28 Comments on “THE BEST URETHANE?? | Purple Hammer, Black Widow Urethane, Pitch Black, UC3!”

  1. Question: Is the popularity of urethane bowling balls good or bad for the sport of bowling??

    1. I would say it’s good for the sport because the interest in urethane has driven the need for innovation as seen in the microcell polymer. I think giving bowlers different ball motions to work with only expands the skill ceiling of bowlers.

    2. @Andrew S Tank Covert rolls like the pitch black. The Blitz lane shines fast. They are good balls though

    3. I love urethane and can be very useful. But I feel as if some people don’t throw reactive as much as they could.

  2. The UC3 needs a lot of surface to really shine (pun intended). I keep mine at 500 grit and love it.

  3. To me it’s a tool so it’s good for the sport, and also you ain’t slick Jimoo with the controversial comment on the purple 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. I want to join the sport tour for the first time next season. would you recommend me to buy a urethane ball for the sport patterns?
    (I have too many revs for my speed)

    1. Its very good to have one in your bag for sport patterns. Heavy oil short patterns is where urethane excels. Some people also use them on medium patterns. As for revs you can try to be softer on the hand or keep the same revs but less axis rotation (more forward roll) and it will hook less

  5. for reference, the UC3 is urethane but with plasticizers added in. while not being “true” urethane, modern urethane isn’t really true urethane anymore due to higher and higher volumes of oil being used.

  6. I was around when bowlers would complain about reactives when they first came out, these new urethanes aren’t the same surfaces as back then when it was about 240-1000, the biggest difference now though is the lane patterns, patterns dictate scoring pace, urethane can be a big help on sport or challenge shots but can be a pain on house shots, either way, balls are made to be used not for displaying on shelves, there will be complainers on either side on various bowling topics, this is why the USBC should honestly keep their mouths shut and stick to what they are actually good at which is having an average database and holding tournaments, let the ball manufacturers get together and create a body that will dictate what ball specifications should fall under. in the end, it’s the bowler more than the ball that will decide matches, as well as luck, old timers used to say that it takes 1% skill and 99% luck.

  7. Would jimoo be able to throw the blue tank? Would be awesome to see the comparison with how mine rolls with his.

  8. Very clear explanation, easy english. Keep up for the good videos guys… Regards from Indonesia

  9. Urethane is great for the sport. It is a tool like every other bowling ball. I think it’s time for you to add a Blue Tank. If you love urethane, you will love the Tank.

  10. For me … it the matter of the “control factor” . I’m a higher rev then speed bowler. With a torn bicep on my bowling arm. So urethane gives me an ability to still be able to bowl when reactive is just too violent off the spot.

    As for the question is urethane “good” or “bad” for the game of bowling.
    Well I believe that only time an history will decide this question. Just as the question of one vs two hands will be determined. All I know now is urethane allows me to go have fun with my friends an others who enjoy bowling.

  11. Jimoo you should do a vid on the Double Cross as well! Good luck in Sweden and have some fun there

  12. Urethane is like anything where it’s part of the game and don’t think it’s much either way. It’s good as it gives options and isn’t really much different from having weaker or stronger balls in general. It’s mostly just a bad time if you don’t know how to cope or sometimes if people are all over the place with it but that’s part of the game too.

  13. When would you even want a shape like the Black Widow makes? It reminds me of the Hot Cell and Fever Pitch that everyone hated – tons of early traction and not enough motion downlane to counteract how far left you need to get to clear the fronts with it. It just seems like the least desirable shape imaginable.

    1. Sometimes, the issue isn’t how to strike on a pattern where you have to give away the pocket. A ball like the widow is great for squaring up and piping it up 10 where you still need to get through the heads. The big issue with reactives – and it’s been that way since 1992 – is that they have put bowlers into the habit of moving their target farther down the lane. With urethane, you bring back less of left to right ball motion and more forward to back motion, meaning you are learning (or relearning) how to move your target closer to you.

  14. I think urethane becoming more popular is good as it means we have more options than just resin, and more urethane balls with different covers/cores will be designed so more versatile and better urethanes can be made

  15. “Purple Hammer won’t strike on long” lol, I’ve seen high rev 2-handers just slow their speed just to keep using the PH and do fine

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